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Commentator Odidi clears controversy on his sympathy for LGBT, what he said may shock you!

Efio-Ita Nyok|29 October 2017

Nigerian-born, Atlanta-based social commentator, Mr Princewill Odidi, has reacted, advancing explanations, to a mild debate surrounding his previous stance on the LGBT argument trending on Cross River State cyberspace NegroidHaven can report. 

Fundamentally, Odidi is saying, in his 6 paragraphs social media thread, that while he does not support homosexuality as an individual and on religious grounds, he does not think that stoning them because of what they do on their privacy is correct. He is advocating that, while science may be able to explain the anomaly some day in the future, practitioners need society's help. 

His words, 'Reacting to an earlier post on social media, let me state my position clearly so as not to be misquoted. By my religious beliefs as I said I personally condemn homosexuality as an act, but I will not join with those who believe people should be killed for things they do in privacy. As I said earlier, just as some transgenders are born with male and female organs together, it is not their fault that they are born that way. 

'I had a gay roommate while in graduate school, living with him made me to conclude that he was a woman in a man's body. My argument is that it is possible some gay people are born that way, though some cases maybe as a result of cult activities and rituals, but some cases maybe natural birth defects. Some gay people showed this tendency right at age 5. I watched a documentary where a boy at 5 years was fond of playing with female dolls and ended up gay. 

'In the cases of natural birth defects which most people in advance democracies have come to embrace, that's what I mean that Africa is not yet ready for this discussion given the weight culture and traditions have on our social judgement. You can hate and condemn an act, but you don't hate the man in question especially on things they cannot control or help themselves. I have never said I support homosexuality as a way of life, I do not, but I will not support stoning them to death. There are better ways this can be handled. 

'Most homosexuals need psychiatric help and not stoning to death as we want people to believe. This position I hold is similar to the position most people in Western societies hold. You may want to ask why? The reason is simple. Most people arrive at social conclusions based on Rationality, not culture and traditions. That a belief is a tradition does not make it rational. Killing of twins was traditional but we later found out it was ignorance of science. 

'Men once opined that the world was flat and killed those who disagreed, but we later found out by science that the world was sphere and not flat. Science may one day prove that this is a birth defect. Naturally a young man gets attracted to a young woman this is natural, but when a young man has no natural attraction instincts for an opposite sex, something is wrong with his psych, he needs help not stoning as some will want you to believe. 

'While we wait to lift the next stone to stone someone found in a cultural abomination, why not try helping him first, his actions may not be a choice but genetic. Science may explain this abnormality someday. But for now, let us not stone them, let us help them heal to normalcy', he concluded.

This debate may have been sparked by one Mr Agba Jalingo who argued last week Thursday that he is a liberal and loves the LGBT family. 

According to Mr Jalingo, 'I personally have no single problem or issue with the LGBT family. I love them. In fact me and my wife argue about them all the time. She keeps wondering why I speak openly in support of gays and lesbians. And I tell her I look forward to going for gay weddings and dancing and eating jollof rice in this Nigeria in less than 10yrs time. I look forward to joining them on the streets of Lagos in less than 5years time to protest for their rights. She hates it anytime I say so. But she knows I have held that opinion in our 19years relationship. If we were not living together, she for even dey suspect me. I have no apologies. I am not a religionists. I am a liberal. 

'I have no single problem with gays and lesbians. Na their  choice. I have dey plenty as friends and I love them. Don't come here and moralize for me. Keep your religion in your pocket'.

***What do you think about Odidi's opinion? Should LGBT+ practitioners be sympathised with or outrightly condemned to the gallows? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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