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Failed Ikom-Calabar Highway incites public outcry! Ndoma-Egba, Nsa, Usani tasked to fix it

Efio-Ita Nyok|11 October 2017 

Ikom-Calabar Road especially the section domiciled in Biase LGA has fallen. Cross Riverians of all works of life, both in the diaspora and within the country, are reacting disappointedly. See their reactions:

Obasesam Okoi:
Is it that Cross Riverians don't pay taxes? This condition is possible only in a society where people don't pay taxes to the government. But if we are paying taxes to the government while tolerating this level of infrastructural decay that is almost becoming a threat to economic development, the environment, and life, then something is wrong with us. 

George Odok Jnr:
The Biase/Calabar highway has fallen again. This portion of the gully in Iwuru, Biase LGA is now a threat to motorists and residents in the area. 

Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, Chairman of NDDC, Mr Sylvester Nsa, NDDC Commissioner representing Cross River State, Pastor Usani Uguru, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Federal Ministry of Works and FERMA should please intervene with a view to safe the precious lives of road users. 

We did it when Odukpani/Calabar highway was impassable, today the road has been given attention by the federal government. Kudos. 

Collectively, we can do it again through constant advocacy until our worries are heard.

If the portion of this road is completely cut-off,  travellers from Ogoja, Ikom and other LGAs will be forced to borrow the Mbok/Ebonyi road to access Ugep before entering Calabar.

Joseph Odok:
Because of failed government, we have no hope than look out for help. Surly, we wasted our votes in voting the present government. We left good people and voted in opportunist that are rather focusing on embezzling our funds to save for the next elections. We voted for opportunist that have studied the gullibility of our people and are gathering cultist to rig next elections.

Knowing fully well that nothing good can come from the Cross River State government, we humbly call on APC led Federal Government to intervene to ameliorate the cries of our people. We call on the Distinguished Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba led NDDC, the Minister of Niger Delta Ministry Pst Usani Uguru Usani, FERMA and all Federal Government agencies to quickly intervene and ameliorate the sufferings of our people by fixing the Biase road to safe lives and properties

Osonabiji S. Ojong:
Donald Duke used to nip this on the board, highest response time was two days. May God give Cross River State a leader.

Cosmas Okoi:
Are you sure this is CRS with an existing administration? No! No!! and they will come sooner or later to canvas for our votes? The time for politics is now. I guess Nigerian factor, the road will only be attended to if and only if is divided into two showing total decay, the the time is now for our politicians to arise on this challenge.

Godwin Ibiang:
#Ayade is a specialist in demolition of assets older than him and his entire generation in cross River state than building anyone. So sad Imoke could trade CRS to a charlatan and chameleon in Ayade

Sebastian Eko:
This is why we should demand a CHANGE of Leaderahip NOW in Cross River State. The present leadership led by Senator Ayade has failed completely, is rudderless and clueless. I make bold to declare it a ROGUE leadership. #Change is inevitable in CRS

Walter Luke:
Gov Ayade should swallow his pride and borrow leaf from gov Wike the project governor on infrastrutural development than allowing it decay.

Daniel Thomas:
My Dear Brothers is so unfortunate that the government of Cross River State and Politicians watch this road dillapidate up till this level, where this serves as death trap to users, lets leave sycophancy and tell ourselves the truth.  Wake up from your slumber Cross Riverians.

Sylvanus Eyong:
This is very serious.A failed country. God help us.

Francis Eyong:
Docility is what my people are suffering from.

Eteng Theophilus Okoi:
Is that not where the Gov passes to his country home? Or does he fly by helico? Quite amazing.

Peter Offem Ubi:
Very wrong with us indeed my brother Obas. What our people should cry for they will not especially those youths lost to the prevailing echoes of sycophancy. I drove on this road when it was only drum used and a pole with red flag, now the situation is upside down. Do you know the governor drive through this road? We are lost.

Peace Iyamba:
Yes true talk llke d past government, instead of engaging indigines we prefer Igbos and Yorubas to award contracts to them who at d end left it half hazard or vanish wit d money.

Efosa I. J. J. Imasuen:
Thank God u accept today that APC Buhari have failed and u wasted ur votes voting someone who ignore federal roads and ignore the pple despite the huge promises made. 

John Bosco:

Janet Kaka Obi:
Hmmmm, this is bad and dangerous ooo

Monday D. O. Egrinya:
I passed here last week n it's exactly the way it's shown here. 

Edo Owan:
I saw it on my way to Ikom on Friday, and it needs urgent attention. 

Chris Henry:
This is unbelievable. 

Kriss Obi:
This is sad.

Adon Lazarus:
That's a wake up call man, in my own view, I recommend closure of that road for. For the safety of our people and the urgent attention it'll be given if closed down for now. It's a pity all the stakeholders folded their arms and watch till the pitiable and death trap state it's.

Abdullahi Boko:
Nigerian's road and their leaders!

Princess Abi:
This is Scarry

Besong Emmanuel:
If it is Air Port , urgently it would have been attended to.

Bukie Silas:
That is a serious threat to human life. Motorist applying this road be careful. Govt pls, fast intervene to avoid taking of lives. Thanks George, keep it up.

Raphael Essien:
Death trap to any road user. Insensitive of agencies or institutions concerned, allowing the road to deteriorate to this state. 

I am calling on the relevant government agencies to effect a remedy immediately to save life and property. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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