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Trending: pictures of suspected gays in Carnival dry run incites condemnation from Nigerians

Suspected gays at the 22 October dry run of Carnival Calabar 2017 held in Calabar 
Efio-Ita Nyok|28 October 2017

Pictures of unidentified four suspected gays at the first dry run of the Carnival Calabar 2017, which held on Sunday 22 October this month has sparked reactions from Nigerians, NegroidHaven has learnt. Some of the reactions were condemning, others neutral, some admiring. Read cross sections of  comments below: 

Agba Jalingo 
Our Calabar Carnival Is Very Liberal o!
Even gay boys and the LGBT family are not harassed or oppressed. It is well. My Calabar.

Undeshi David Mayor
Na idiots dem be... Make I catch them for next dry run first...

Josephine Ogar
I don't want to see dis type of nonsense again in de nxt dry run n main event 😈

Michael Abuo

Wofai Ewa
NO! NO!! NO!!!
I will prefer to let my eyes sin by the sight of naked Brazilian models gracing our Carnival...NOT THESE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Agbor
Heheheheheeh So what BAND are they representing? What is the motivation for all these, if they are not gay already. Is this part of the economic productivity indices?

RaymondGold Ngboma
And security agencies condoned this rubbish? Isn't this an offence under our law?

Comfort Onyaga Ogon
Father! What a value system!! This is unlawful and disgusting...

Gabriel Ashibi 
This must be a joke

Peace Adie 
Of all dey girls in dey world hmmmm
Dis world is coming to an end 
I cover my kid brothers nyash wit dey blood of Jesus Christ 

Venatius Ukor 
What an evil

Gba Moses Gba 
If the law was functional, they wouldn't parade themselves that way.

Efa Nyong 
You can see what the carnival this year will be promoting.

Atep Stephen Wilfred 
what nonsence is this... hmmmm agba jalingo,well i dont hate them too,but i pray for all of them as a christain.but as a catholic faithful i will never and will never support sane sex marriage.

Juli Iregbu 
They all look possessed.

Ofem Osong E
May God save our generation n save this boys. Agba if it is popularity and money or social gain you are looking for at the expense of your soul. Think think twice. Your destiny and your soul with your children destiny lies in your hand on what you do. Pls I know you are a Christian so let Christ -like be seen in you. God loves you. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour. Don't support evil. Isaiah 33:15 
[15] He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil;

[16] He shall dwell on high: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure.

RoseMary Bassey 
These are people's children... Ask yourselves what if one of your children turn out to be LGTB? I guess you will physically kill that child. No one prays for things we can't understand.

Their parents must have wept and casted and bound...even hid them from other kids for fear that they would corrupt them as these ones are from "the pit of hell".

If they are LGTB or even cross dressers...they have gone through series of deliverances and prayer sessions from as early as age 5 upwards yet they are still here(same way). 

Who are we to judge?
Just live and let live!

Phoenix Sunday Ola 
Mr. Agba, I have always listened to you with keen interest on a number of national radio stations dissecting burning national issues. But your body language on this subject makes me shudder. My question to you and other students of the school of LGBT is this, if their papas and mamas were homos, would they have been born? Again, the partner they are homoing, are they products of homo relationships?

Unimke Nawa 
Mr. Agba, I have always listened to you with keen interest on a number of national radio stations dissecting burning national issues. But your body language on this subject makes me shudder. My question to you and other students of the school of LGBT is this, if their papas and mamas were homos, would they have been born? Again, the partner they are homoing, are they products of homo relationships?

Iwara U. Iwara
If this is what #CarnivalCalabar2017 has to offer, the organisers get a THUMBS DOWN from me!

Aniebiet Udofia
Awwww this is shameful.. Carnival has become Gay Camp.

Rabson Iniobong Cletus 
Chai is this what I was planning to bring my children to come and watch.

Chibuzo Mbaso Patrick
I schooled in calabar 
But the state is lethargic
With broken down infrastructures
Cultism spreading like virus 
Moral bankruptcy   on supply curve sign. if not astronomical.
Its not a place   to train kids 
Its a failed geographic dot .(state)
Too bad 👉😥😥😥😥 CHB

Mary Johnson
What is this please? This is a No No

Samuel Ogeh
This are gay mehnn....why the f**k parade them? It is indeed a show of shame.

Fountain Emori 
Behind the escapades are political powers that promote their pseudo-nature and benefits from their rot.

Essien Udoette 
Obviously the dirts  are surely upgrading. Disgusting

Ud Ofem
Imagine how they are twisting their body in the name of catwalking. With pink shoes on top sef. Why won't they be at liberty to display themselves when most of their patronizers are top govt. officials.

Anita Edem
Well I don't see any reason why you people should be judging, most of you are worst than them ,just because theirs is in the open, what if they are not really gay but the choose to dressed like that and don't forget it's a carnival we have different people coming together to have fun, so you havnt seen any thing yet, ur still gonna see bunch of naked girls, like Joseph Afuo Ogbaji said variety is the spice of life....

Egan Adat Ben-Koko 
What is this? Ayade says he doesn't want Gospel musicians to perform during the Xmas period, does that not ring a bell in our minds? December am off to Gambia or Dubai to enjoy Xmas with my kids joooor we have lost it, untill we have a new Governor no Xmas for me in calabar, see how dirty and irritating they look

Missang Oyama

These are lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) proudly being showcased on the streets of Calabar in preparation for the usual annual wasteful and unconscionable jamboree known as Calabar Carnival. We have gone beyond importing nude girls from different parts of the world to come and beguile our men to the point of nurturing LGBTs in our clime.

These lads who should be hurriedly taken to rehab homes are being brandished as Calabar Carnival Stars.
This is what the organizers have to offer, this is what Cross River State Tourism Corporation under Gov Ben Ayade have to present to the world.

We are fast sliding into sodomy with our two eyes open.

Ediye obio nyin Cross River, eyene ata mkpo mbom!

Patience Edward
These are the things that have made cross river backward. Any people that relegates God to the background is calling for doom. Can't u see the difference between Akwa Ibom n Cross River presently? While they raise praises to God in December, we are here showcasing nudity all in the name of tourism. Today, Akwa Ibom is the richest state not because of their oil but because they reverence God. Our own  leaders are satanist n occultist.

Cornelius Ellah
This is nauseating.

Alice Ben
Rubbish upon Rubbish in our state

Nsa Ayi 
Carnival on rotten roads and garbage filled city?

Philip Bassey 
Yet again the youths going the wrong direction, Sad Story.

Akpabor Owan
Omg,what is this?help our generation Lord Jesus

GreatFavour Williams
If this is true, enyene ata MBOM.

Ifere Paul
It is a pity.

**While it cannot be ascertained whether the four boys who are featured in the pictures, which have gone viral are gays, the fact still remains that government officials are supposed to have commenced investigations especially considering that there's a law which outlaws this practice. 

NegroidHaven has reliably confirmed from sources that one of the effeminate boys is a child of a pastor in Calabar and they there's has been suspicion about his involvement with the LGBT community. 

This is totally condemnable by all standards. I am calling on the Carnival Commission to make an official statement condemning this ugly development. LGBT is not a culture to be marketed by Cross River. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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