Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Give us constant power supply before demanding carbon emissions tax —C/Riverians

Efio-Ita Nyok|15 November 2017 

Both residents and indigenes of Cross River State, south southern Nigeria, have frowned against the moved of the current state political administration to introduce a Carbon emissions and pollution tax on commercial users of power generating sets NegroidHaven can report authoritatively. The citizenry have said that before the Environment and Carbon Emissions Board would demand such levies, they should ensure constant power supply. 

This is sequel to the Government of Cross River State, under the administration of Ben Ayade, demanding the payment of fees for 'carbon emissions/pollution' from restaurants, eateries, supermarkets, and mega stores operators of power generating set, a move that has seen a handful of critical comments elicited particularly against the policy of the Environment and Carbon Emissions Board, which is responsible for the collection of this levy. 

The said tax-demanding board while citing Schedule 1, subsections i, ii of Cross River State Law No. 7 of 2016 has threatened litigations, in seven days, should these business owners not comply with the directive contained in the document. See comments :

Benedict Ogar 
That is only possible when Government provides 24/7 electricity and the citizens are using generators otherwise such law is death on arrival

Arikpo Omini 
true talk....these peopl  just wake early in the mornining smoke weed and then come with nonesense policies.

Agbor Victor 
May God bless you Engr.

Columbus Effa 
Make electricity available first

George Abang
We are digital,CRS Government,please try to stop Emissions by providing steady light ,don't encourage it.

The logic is that the government can't be asking the citizenry to bear exclusive responsibility for her failure. If, it's the responsibility of government to ensure adequate power supply to the public and it's failed, it's not the place of government to demand fees for using generators. It's contradictory and irresponsible. 

In fact, it's my thinking that the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly under Speaker John Lebo erred gravely in passing this legislation. 

According to a 12th May 2017 Vanguard Newspaper report, the average power supply to a Nigerian household is estimated at 8.9 hours per day which is assessed a far cry from the standard 24 hours power supply which Nigerians ought to be experiencing. 

Again, the report further stresses that Nigeria is one of the least electrified countries and its current power generation, which continues to hover between 3,000 and 5,000 megawatts, this is grossly incompatible with recent population growth figures. 

'According to a World Bank report, about 75 million Nigerians lack access to adequate electricity and Nigeria was ranked highest among the countries with electricity access deficit when energy access, efficiency and renewable are on the rise in many developing nations.'
The Cross River State Environment and Carbon Emissions Board should, as a matter of urgency, withdraw that notice, please. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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