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KIDNAP : SARS extra-judicial killings of 6 suspects in C'River incites public condemnation!

L-R: 6 of them were arrested alive, 6 of them reported dead! Fear police! 
Efio-Ita Nyok|9 November 2017 

State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Cross River State killed six kidnappers in Ikom local government area of Cross River State yesterday and this is inciting public concern as there are suspicion of extra-judicial killings on the part of the Police. 

According to the Police, the kidnappers had engaged men of the SARS in a gun battle while they were trying to rescue a kidnapped lady in their captivity. But, pictures evidence suggests that these suspects were successfully captured by the police and even handcuffed, so how did they engage the police? What follows is public outcry:

Iwara U. Iwara 
Ikom KIDNAP suspects: One minute they had all been arrested by the Police and  the next minute they "were all shot in a gun battle with the Police". Let us PRAY!

Egom Ndoma 
Police, Judge and Jury

Abang Ogon 
Ikom KIDNAP, After the police apprehended the bandits, handcuffed them and took them to the police station, they shot them dead and the story is "They were involved in a gun battle", a very wonderful gun battle indeed. RespectPolice.

Usani Iwara 
I don't get. Who gave them guns in police custody?

Baskoba Bassey 
Pls what is the penalty for kidnapping in CRS or Nigeria?

Ray Ugba Morphy 
They can be no penalty before judgements. They are by law innocent until proven guilty before a court. That is the definition of Common Law

Ubong Uford 
I knew it......Gun battle with police wearing boxers. ....issorite

Joseph Afuo Ogbaji 
The pictures are different where is the lady amongst the dead... Look closely there is a lady sitting beside one of the suspects but the corpses have no female amongst them Sir... The lady in question should be found and asked what really happened

Klinsman Ekwomayang Asap
Look closely in this picture you will see a lady behind handcuffed. How comes she was not shot too?

Uma Miky 
God bless you my dear I have been wandering about this where is she now , hmmmm Nigerian police .

Greg Okomah 
Clearly one can identify up to 3 corpes... The big pink shirt guy, the blue boxers guy and d jeans guy.... If they can be "killed in a gun battle" after taking a pix in front of a **---*... Then all of us need to be afraid because one u can be snapped in front of a ******... U can be said to be about to get into a gun battle.... And once u enter d battle... The rest is history... The ***** is ur friend abi..

Patrick Ogar 
Were they engage in a gun battle or arrested and killed in the police station? .Let's get this story clearer. In anycase, good job there by the Nigeria police.In which ever way it is being seen, the beauty is,the KIDNAPPERS WERE KILLED.

Akiba Ekpenyong 
The day police came to my community in my very eyes n shot someone death on kidnapping allegations without exchange of gun fire but in the news the headlines was "the hoodlum exchanged gun fire on sighting the police".
Me no trust them.

Bonaventure M. Okeke 
Police magic

Iwara Patrick 
This is the Nigerian Police jungle justice.

Comrade Zulu Ofoelue 
Isn't this just a police cover up job for some big criminals. Human Rights Activists in the state should follow this up and ensure proper investigation and justice. 

Eugene Ukoyonoh 
Doomed society! The true story is really needed.

Imoh Ukpong
This is Nigeria

SamEba Dan 
Isn't this Jungle justice???

Felix Ubah
Change begin with the Nigeria police.

Nash Bassey 
There's a mix up somewhere. The police is clearly fingered in this extra judicial killing. In very strong terms; i condemn the act.

Nsikak Idem 
What is wrong is wrong. If the police is also the judge, jury, and executioner, government should rather lock up all courts in the land. No need for any judiciary.

Joseph Odok
Those who allegedly attempted to assassinate me are yet to be produced before the police by DG Homeland Security, with the lady missing in the picture of the alleged kidnapers, there is possibility of a prison swap. Why will the police kill men already in police custody in a period agents of the Cross River State Government are investigated on a case the police have established a case of failed assassination attack on me?

Please help me scrutinize these pictures and see discrepancies in the identity of those displayed be the police and those who were actually killed. Where is the girl hidden behind in handcuffs behind the alleged kidnapers? The mistakes of the security agencies within the state is the fact that they are helping build my case. 

Saviour Awukam 
It's worth their lives haven been arrested by the police ? Yet the same police ask the public not to take laws into their hands by burning criminals daily ,why is the notorious kingpin Evans not death till date is his demand not in millions of pounds and dollars .there is something we need to know about this matter.

Patrick Effiong 
How can you arrest someone with arms or without arms and instead  of making him or her face the case in law court and you end up killing them them and insinuate they confront the police in gun duel?  How did the police manage to arrest them in the first place?

Churchill Nwagu 
My own take is seeing is believing.  I pray non of us will experience kidnapping in our lives or families to be able to differentiate human rights and jungle justice.

Andrea Inyang
In a gun duel, policemen killed all six kidnappers and didn't even record any lost too.


Except one team wasn't firing.

Miriam Ojong
I hope they were really kidnappers!!bcos naija  anything can happen, who will tell us their own part of d story.....d dead can't talk,we should just be careful where we find ourselves, especially young men.

Mariam-Nice Obun
This story has lots of explanations, I pray they(police) don't kill innocent people... This is not fair, they killed them without proper justice,

Olom Egana Basil-Ukah
SARS re the bigger criminals. Most times SARS will kill those that disagree with them n tag them Robbers or Kidnappers. This case need to be investigated cos SARS antecedents make it difficult for me to believe their story.

Janet Abang
This dead bodies dose not seems as if they were shot to me it seems as if they were beaten to death.

Akiba Ekpenyong
See them here arrested. How come de next minutes death with a contradictory information?... 
So these men arrested in handcuffs still engaged police in gun battles?
Nigeria I hail thee.

Odu Sunday 
Jungle justice.

There is a lady in one of the pictures, but, the lady is not part of those allegedly killed : where is she? 

It may be safe to depose that the greatest threat to security of live and property in Cross River maybe the organised public security system. Hmmm! 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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