Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Unim Libwumb! My Village Deity Demonised by Christianity —by Patrick U. Akongwale

Unim Libwumb, the Obudu deity, is alleged to live here
Patrick U. Akongwale|15 November 2017 

This is the highest elevation in my village and this is where the god that guides my village resides. He's still worshiped by a few persons, but Christianity has demonized everything about him and our traditional religion. 

Some people claimed they have met him inside the bush, that he comes in form of someone you know, maintains a chat with you, and make a move towards another direction. It's when you get home that the other person will tell you that he didn't set his foot inside bush that day.

My dad told me that in those days, your were warned not to steal things like Iron because Unim Libwumb will curse you. He hates all vices, but reserve bigger punishment for anyone that steals metal. Why? Cutlasses & Guns are made from metal, and, stealing them is like taking food from the other man. These stories shaped what I am today, some claimed I am an atheist & have little regards for religious leaders. I laugh, I was trained by a man that spent evenings telling me about my culture even when we were thousands of miles away from Cross River State. My definition of morality is beyond a single book, thanks to stories like these. 

Passing through this mountain recently while heading for Calabar, I started wondering why the rise of Christianity has seen more moral decay in my community, western values have unleashed hell on my community, Libwumb has been demonized to a stage that I suspect that he probably has relocated to meet his brothers in other places that Christians would not come after him.

Patrick Unimagbebia Akongwale
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