Saturday, 2 December 2017

A Brief Note on the People of Ugep —by Mazi Onun Endurance

Onun Endurance|2 December 2017 

We are referred to as Yameamea while our land is called Umor. Yameamea is the original meaning of industrious, courageous and painstaking people in Lokaa, which is the language we speak. Our language, lomeamea is derived from Yameamea. Our traditional next of kins from Ekori speak lokori, Nko speak lokaakaa, Mkpani speak lokpankpani and Idomi speak lolomi. Our history will not be complete without the mention of the above communities whom we share many things in common. We are linked by history, geography and religion. 

We the Ugep people are a proud race and do not compromise our pride for anything below standard. We show such pride wherever we are, and this has adversely affected many of us as we either gain or lose out in the bid to meet this need.

There are traditional codes of conduct which guide us in our daily lives. Prayer from parents to offspring(s) is highly regarded. A child could be blessed by parents with water thrown on the roof top during the early morning hours. The child is ordered to walk through the water as it drops from the roof after the prayers. This has been the most widely accepted traditional blessing from our parents. We enjoy folk-lore and such has united various families for many generations. During moonlight, grandparents, parents and children sit outside their houses on sandy pitches to discuss about our past, tell the story of the tortoise and other folk stories. Before the beginning of folk-tales, our traditional greeting by the story teller is 'kpakpasenini' and the hearers respond 'aaa'. We generally cherish moonlight entertainment; this is regarded in our custom as that which will go on from one generation to another. It has also promoted understanding and cooperation, which has strengthened us socially.

Family decisions and traditional conflict settlements are made at dawn; 4.00-6.00am. Such a period is known as best resolution time among us. It is believed that such a period is when the individual's mind is settled to take decisions called in lokaa 'lema-ke-kuwo'. 

The Ugep spirit is never weak, especially with those who truly have Ugep blood in their veins. You must sacrifice your life where need be to defend the status of the town wherever you are. The average man is a die-hard lover of the land, loyal to authority and respectful to elders.


Mazi Onun Endurance
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