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How SA Technical, Arc Eric Akpo, replied critics of Ayade's appropriation bill of N1.3 Trillion

L-R : First Baba Isa, Eric Akpo, Joseph Odok 
Efio-Ita Nyok|5 December 2017 

Arc Eric Akpo, Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on Technical Matters has replied voracious critics of the N1.3 trillion 2018 appropriation bill addressed to the 8th Cross River House of Assembly under Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo. Particularly, SA Akpo is referring to controversial social commentator and university lecturer, Mr Joseph Odok and popular lawyer and activist, Firsts Baba Isa who, both have taken turn to spite Gov Ayade's 2018 now controversial budget. 

Akpo has described the brow-raising bill as being 'futuristic' with sustainable development in view, where as Isa has branded it ridiculous. For Odok, the budget will result in a geometric retrogression of Cross River's economy. 

Excerpt from Akpo : 

OK, I hear that some people are bent on hanging themselves because of our proppsed Budget of Kinetic Crystallization! "We go carry your body go police station, you die wrongfully!" Jeje!!

It is either they are won't to change or they are just negatively disposed to transposition as an ideology we have adopted to move us from a static undeveloped state to a modern self sufficient and self sustaining state. Some are just default in opposition to anything from the Ayade led government.

I hear they didn't and still don't understand the meaning of "Deep Vision".....maybe they'll understand "Big Dreams" or "great aspirations" or maybe "thinking big".

I hear also they don't and won't understand "Infinite Transposition" or infinity or infinitesimal...maybe they'll comprehend "constant motion" or "steady progress" or " keep moving".

I also understand that they are now dying because they do not recognize "Kinetic Crystallization" because they don't even know where they themselves are going to and won't realize when they have eventually arrived! Maybe we should tell them that it is Budget of "destination arrival" or "dream realization" or "Dynamic Achievement" or "Success in motion"

I am won't to discussing these our opposing followers as a subject because I don't discuss people, neither would I discuss their comical circus session where the entertain themselves as an antidote to the depression for which they threaten to commit suicide, no, I am here to discuss the ideation of positive change!

Governor Ayade is different from so many which is why he is on this mission to lead us to the promised land. He is different like Abraham was, like Moses was, like Daniel, like David, like Solomon, like Jesus, like Peter and Paul and like Saul when he became Paul. 

These same anti-progressive, counter-development pessimists who have been asking " where would Ayade bring money from to build Deep Seaport and Super Highway, are the same ones who are shouting. Some have even asked in the past; "where are the projects in the budget?". Now that the 'Crystallization" Period for the project has reached, and the budget has reflected the possibility of the projects, their hearts of stone have refused to think, someone even asked carelessly, "do you propose a budget based on investor's funds?" How callous? Whether investors' funds or Federal Allocation, as long as it is ascribed to the State govt. it must be accounted for in the budget! 


Many who display this absolute and infinite disbelief and lack of courage must have either advised someone to be either courageous, bold, think big, have faith or aim for heights or they themselves must have at some point received trainings as such, and yet they fail to apply these in the real world! And when another does, they 'Thomasly' say it won't work!

If we can't dare to dream, then we can't afford to grow!

When you don't understand an approach to something, don't be quick to condemn and write it off! What you don't know you don't know! Its simple!

The budget of Kinetic Crystallization is a classic one! It is the budget that would set the pace for and a new standard for budgeting in Africa, this is a budget approach that would take Africa out of the 3rd world to to the 1st world. We would crystallize our vision under with this budget.

71% of 1.3trn for Capital Expenditure with mostly FDIs, that's the way to go for Africa for goodness sake! Look out for out Deep Seaport and Super Highway! Ayade has broken the norm, he has been able to sustain salary payment even with a zero allocation situation, total Paris club refunds can only pay salaries of CRS for 4 month considering our wage bill!investors are funding our capital projects!

And this futuristic budget has a 10 year lifespan! Sustainable growth in perspective!

See you in 2019!

Recall that Thursday, 30th November 2017, Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State presented a whooping N1. 3 trillion 2018 appropriation bill to the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly. 

With whom do you take sides with, the acerbic critic or the aide? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Blogger, the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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