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N1. 3 trillion Budget of Kinetic Crystallization : Journalist, Economists, Lawyer, academic react

Efio-Ita Nyok|1 December 2017 

The Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, Thursday, presented a whooping N1.3 trillion 2018 appropriation bill to the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly. This has incited reactions from Cross Riverians with experts particularly online publisher Agba Jalingo of CRW, development economist Princewill Odidi, Lawyer and activist Firsts Baba Isa,  OAP Iwara U. Iwara and economist Missang Oyama amongst others. See their reactions : 

Agba Jalingo
If Lagos state, Nigeria's financial capital and economic power house, is expected to present an ambitious N1.1 trillion budget for 2018, how will Cross River state that gets the 2nd least allocation with only about N1billion IGR, generate N1.3Trillion Budget of Kinetic Crystallization for 2018?

My governor, my governor!

Na waoooo!

This wan tire me o.

Till now, we no see the last two budgets for eye o.

Joseph Odok
With a clear story of misappropriation of the 2017 budget, Ayade has again presented a 1.3 trillion naira budget to the Cross River State House of Assembly

Yesterday, the Cross River State government presented a 1.3 Trillion naira budget of Kinetic Crystalization to the Cross River State House of Assembly. This to me from a comparative analysis of the government of Duke, Imoke and Ayade is another form of digitalization of geometric retrogression of CRS.

Shockingly, Kaduna state presented 216.6bn, Kano state presented 233bn, cross river state is presenting a budget of 1.3 trillion naira after lobbying the Cross River State House of Assembly with 10 million naira each. Not even Lagos state budget has passed 900 billon, in 2017, Lagos state budget was about 812 billion. One therefore wonders were CRS will generate funds to execute a 1.3 trillion naira budget with it's huge national and international  debt ratio. Let's see how our legislators will collaborate with our governor to send CRS to perpetual debts... 

Missang Oyama
Agba Jalingo remember you and I discussed this mystery surrounding Cross River State budgetary process under Gov Ayade sometime last year when I appealed to you to get a copy of the budget for me to analyze. These voodoo and imaginary budgets of Gov Ayade are getting more nauseating by the day to say the least. The fundamental assumptions & benchmarks of Gov Ayade's budgets defy every known logic of public finance and budgeting. Ediye obio nyin Cross River eyene ata mkpo mbom!

Firsts Baba Isa 
My Cross River State... 




2019: ???

I wish grammar answereth all things 😂😂😂😂

Princewill Odidi 

 Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, so a Kinetic Budget is a budget in motion. However, the budget is not just in motion; it is in the process of crystallization.  Now, Crystallization is the process of solidifying from solution, the process through which solids are formed from liquids. Cross River State budget has been in liquid state past two years, it is about being crystallized to solid realities. 

So Budget plus Kinetic plus Crystallization equals to a budget that has been in motion between 2015 to 2017 and it is in the process of formation to crystals. The crystals here refer to the gains or dividends of democracy three years going. 

What better way to define a landmark budget, first in Nigerias history from a state, than calling it "A budget of Kinetic Crystallization". Two Professors putting heads together have the literary license to play with words. I endorse

Iwara U. Iwara 
... The comedy of errors is back.
Budget of Kinetic Crystallization  ... Grab a copy now!

Three questions have been raised by Ken Assim-ita of the Calabar Chamber of Commerce and Industry concerning the appropriation bill : '1. What is our Internally Generated Revenue profile? 2. What Expectations from FAAC? 3. How is the deficit going to be financed? Questions begging for immediate answers...'. But, Odidi has explained that, '... On a normal day those indicators and expectations ought to be observed. But what I think has happened is the state government anticipates to access loans, and some of these hard lenders especially those in Europe and the Japanese may want to see high proposed income streams into the state coffers. I may be wrong, but I think the Budget is designed that way to meet certain financial expectations and borrowing criteria set forth by lenders'. 

Our internal generated revenue is estimated at N1 billion. Hmmm! But, 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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