Sunday, 14 January 2018

And they will always blame Buhari —by Joseph Odok

Joseph Odok|14 January 2018

From the day Akpabio announced that 20 senators and 8 governors were to move from APC to PDP, a cabal led by Atiku Abubakar and beneficiaries of corruption began massive media blackmail on the image of Buhari. The sin of Buhari is the fact of his financial discipline and prudence. Aso Rock is no longer ATM machine, men in the media like Reno Omokri, Reuben Abati, etc are no longer getting huge disbursement from Aso Villa ATM, so they have resorted to blackmail on Buhari. 

1. Price of fuel was highest in Christian states during the Xmas, Christian hoard more fuel than Muslims, yet we will blame Buhari. In fact most independent marketers from Christian south hoarded more fuel than their Muslims counterparts, yet Christmas is for Christians. In Cross River State for instance, Christians marketers have never sold fuel at normal price in Ogoja, Ikom and Boki. Yet they will shift their wickedness to Buhari. 

2. The bank charges in CRS got so high, in Ogoja the ATM was adjusted to pay not more than 10,000 and Okundi was programmed to pay 5,000 just to get increased service charge of 65.00 naira per withdrawal. On the 23rd of December, banks refused to load money in ATM but gave money to agents that charged 500 naira for every 10,000 naira. Yet citizens of Cross River  will blame this on Buhari. 

3. Buhari has made the highest single release of monies to universities, GEJ left backlogs of earned allowance. Buhari made payment to clear some earned allowances but the unions are now quarrelling. Today the non academic staff are on strike because the university management could not fashion a good sharing formula, students are at home and the penchant is to blame Buhari. 

4. Buhari had made huge release of bail out funds, some state governors have embezzled the money. Most workers and pensioners are yet to be paid their salaries, pension and gratuity, yet they have began a media propaganda against Buhari. 

5. There is the CBN anchor borrowers program for all states, some states  have developed programs for food sufficiency, yet most  States governors embezzled such monies. The blame for the embezzlement is on Buhari. 

6. Herdsmen are attacking and killing Nigerians, the senate is sleeping and have not seen it necessary to make any law to mitigate the crisis, security agencies assist the Herdsmen to unleash harm on innocent citizens, the politicization of herdsmen attack began with the Obasanjo administration, then to the GEJ and now Buhari. Yet no one blames the Senate, no one blames security agencies the blame is solely on Buhari. 

7. Yes Buhari has not been decisive in laying off his ineffective appointees, there are serious gaps in the efficiency of his cabinet. In fact when some of his aides felt he was dead, they went into large scale looting as it was in Yar' Adua's days. Yet every one expect magic from Buhari. 

8. The Nigerian Senate and Judiciary have been frustrating the anti corruption program of the Buhari's administration. Most laws Buhari recommended to check mate the system are intentionally frustrated by the Senate. They have refused to pass the budget because of personal interest, yet most National Assembly members blame all problems of Nigeria on Buhari. 

9. Judiciary has become the engine of corruption, at some point some judges were clamped down for corrupt charges. Nigerians refused to face the truth and ended up blaming Buhari. 

10. Members of CAN and most Christian Churches found themselves in Aso Rock to reap from the GEJ ATM, they kept quite when there was widespread corruption. Most were moved by the monies they received and became prophets of GEJ victory. Today because Buhari no longer gives them envelopes, they now prophesy doom and are bent on using propaganda in the pulpits to give Buhari a bad name. 

No single person can fix Nigeria, this is what is playing out, I will not blame Buhari, my new year resolution is to rise or fall with Buhari instead of allowing a corrupt cabal to stain the God's sent to redeem Nigeria. Buhari is not a magician, he cannot save Nigeria alone

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent

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