Friday, 26 January 2018

Catholic Priest counsels UNICAL law professor to forgive persecutors

Ndoma Richard|26 January 2018

A clergy man and lecturer with the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) Rev. Fr. Francis Adeyemi has admonished the recalled Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Calabar, Prof. Cyril Ndifon to forgive those he perceived ganged up against him in the trial that he went through for about two and half years leading to his suspension by the authority of the University of Calabar over allegations of sexual assault, kidnapping and other against a female law student of the institution.

Adeyemi dropped the admonition while officiating at the Thanksgiving/marking of 23 years of marriage anniversary of Prof. and Dr. Mrs. Cyril Ndifon,  Dean, Faculty of Law University of Calabar which  took place at the Catholic church Calabar IBB Way.

The clergy man urged the academic don to fervently pray for even his alleged persecutors instead of thinking of seeking for vengeance which the clergy man advised the academic don to leave in the hands of God saying, "Thank God that you were vindicated".

Recalled that the UNICAL professor of law was suspended by the authority of the of the University of Calabar, when an alarm was raised by a female law student of the institution that she had been sexually assaulted, leading to series of investigation upon investigations by both the police authority and university authority until facts finally emerged that the alarm was falsely raised by the female law student after Prof. Ndifon went through fire and humiliation.


The university authority slammed a suspension order against the law professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Calabar, until he was subsequently absolved of the crime after the investigations were completed.

According to the Catholic priest,  "Seek not for vengeance, put your trust first in God for vengeance belongs to God who is in heaven".

"God has done so much in your life. For many who would have similar experience would want to seek fetish means for solution. No matter the problem that we will have, let's take it to Jesus the son of God".

Drawing inferences from the Holy Bible urged Christians in Nigeria to call upon God whenever they are in trouble and in any ordeal just as the academic don passed through instead of "looking upon  the valleys" elsewhere to solicit for help".

He said in that battle that Professor Ndifon fought there was no victor and no vanquish. "Let us acknowledge the fact that we are all sinners"

"Today we re-dedicate the life of Prof. Ndifon back to the fold of God " and charged men to stay off  sin, repent and above all forgive those who had stepped on their toes  so as not to incur the wrath of God.

 Responding the recalled professor of law  said he would do just as the priest has advised saying the lord was his strength and urged those in trouble to seek the face of God who have answers to all problems instead of running helter-skelter for solutions.

Ndoma Richard                        Writes from Calabar 

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