Thursday, 25 January 2018

Comm for Youth & Sports Asu Okang, frowns at management of Rovers FC, craves optimal performance

Efio-Ita Nyok|25 January 2018

The Honourable Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development in Cross River state, Comr Asu Okang, has frowned profoundly at the management of state-owned football club, Rovers Football Club, over what may be referred to as the poor performance of the team in the two previous seasons NegroidHaven can report authoritatively. 

This incident occurred Wednesday at the Office of the Honourable Commissioner where he held an official brief with the management of the club comprising of Chairman of Club Mr Maurice Inok, General Manager of Club Mr Ejen Ebam, Coach of Club Mr Dorian Marin, Assistant Coach of Club Mr Etta Egbe and Commission Member simply identified as Mr Ekalom. 

Comr Okang who particularly expressed displeasure at the relegation of Rovers FC in the last two seasons asked members of management to allow Coach Marin the free reins to run the club as he deems fit without any interference on their part. Okang explained that he employed a foreign coach because of the crass failure of the management for two years. He observed that having failed, they should not interfere with his remedy for Rovers FC. He directed designated members of the management to operate within the confines of their job description. 

His words, 'Let me sound this as a warning : leave the coach to fail, if he's failing. Give him the support that you need to give him. It's not for you to decide who is to play for Rovers or who is to be chosen for a team. This is going to be the last warning. I am saying this, not because you cannot make contributions but because I gave you an opportunity for two years but you crashed the team. So, we have a coach and Assistant Coach —management members leave the coach to do his work. I had given you an opportunity to to dance this dance long enough and very well, but, for two years you instead took the team to relegation. 

'In the last two years, my policy for the club players constitution has been 60% for Cross Riverians and 40% for non-indigenes. But, how has that helped us? —nothing! All we are seeking for is take us to the Premier League. If you like, take 90% of non-indigenes, provided they take you to premier league. That's all. I don't care anymore because I am tired about all this laziness', Comr Okang continued.

The Honourable Commissioner also frowned at the perceived general aversion against industry of Nigerian youths of Cross River indigenisation. According to him, 'I am tired about all this laziness about us Cross Riverians behaving the way we are. Look at the Bank of Industry offering loans to young Cross Riverians everywhere, no single Cross Riverian is ready to go and take the loan to do business. Every body wants to do politics, wants to be Special Assistant that, Special Assistant this'. 

Comr Okang tasked the coach to be diplomatic in view of working as a team with the management of Rovers FC. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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