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There'll be massive recruitment of UNICAL students into cultism in 2018 —SUG President Afufu Ogar reveals

Front view of University of Calabar
Efio-Ita Nyok|12 January 2018

The incumbent President of the Students Union Government of the University of Calabar (SUG UNICAL), Comr. Afufu Anthony Ogar has informed that numerous students of the said higher institution will be initiated into cultism this year 2018 NegroidHaven can report.

Comr Ogar made this known via his Facebook account on the 10th of January this year in a thread titled, 'Another Revelation'. Ogar's thread seem to suggest that he got wind of this information via Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) because according to him it was a revelation given to him while praying with one brother Solomon Charles. He even claimed to identify via this extra sensory perceptive ability an anticipated leader of an unidentified cult group in UNICAL. 

According to Comr Ogar, 'Yesterday, noon hour of 9th of January 2018, I was praying with Brother Solomon Charles (immediate past Choir Director of JCCF-UNICAL CHAPTER); 

'Suddenly, I saw a group of students seated on the ground without shirts but surrounded with palm fronts in form of a fence. I saw one of the students whipped with a cane which drew six lines at his backside with a crown on his head. 

'I heard a voice expressly telling me that there shall be massive recruitment of students into CULTISM this year in Unical, the student with six lines of scar is been prepared to be their HEAD in future', he observed. 

In another plank of his revelation, Ogar said the apex students Christian group will experience chaos with her leadership rank such that they will be distracted as cultism will have its field day. He called for prayers for one hundred level students. 

His words, 'In another realm, I saw few members of JOINT CHRISTIANS CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP (JCCF) EXCOs having internal crisis with her LEADER and the voice spoke to me that this is the strategy the devil wants to use to tear the body of Christ apart in order for the serpent to take advantage of the year ONE, without any element of prayer or massive evangelism on the side of the JCCF. 

'Men and brethren in the Lord, I humbly call on all the relevant authority to join me in prayers as we wage war against the kingdom of darkness this year cause our beloved year ONE may be in danger'.

While NegroidHaven may not be able to ascertain the spiritual integrity and otherwise of the union leader-turned-religious leader, I think the fight against cultism shouldn't begin and end at 'prayers and proselytisation' but should extend to non religious campaigns. The fight should be robust. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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