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UNICAL : Post Graduate Students assured of management's cooperation

Efio-Ita Nyok|17 January 2018 

The leadership of the Post Graduate Students' Government of the University of Calabar (PGSG UNICAL) who recently paid a courtesy visit to UNICAL's newly appointed Dean of Students' Affairs Division, Dr. Enang B. Udah in his office at the University have been assured of the cooperation of the Vice Chancellor Zana Akpagu-led administration of the said higher tertiary institution NegroidHaven can report. 

The PGSG contingent who were given a warm welcome by Udah into his office informed the latter of their delight at the news of his recent appointment by the VC, Prof Akpagu. Udah vowed to be in good cooperation with the Union in order for both him and the union to achieve their goals. 'This goal is principal to the students-inclined Vice Chancellor, Prof. Zana Akpagu', Udah informed. 

Furthermore, the dean further notified the unionists that the process had begun to grant the leadership of PGSG UNICAL access to the official bank account. Implying that the Comr. Uket, Abanda's government since inauguration on the 5th of November, 2017 has had no access to their account due to the misappropriation that characterized and sent the last heads packing. The dean hinted that the students' welfare board will soon be summoned into session to see to the approval of their budget. He however lamented that the budget was not handed over to him by his penultimate predecessor. 

While responding to the plea made to him by the president of PGSG, Comr Uket about the state of hostel facilities particularly Hall 3 of the University, Udah expressed his bitterness over the poor facilities in all the hostels with specific references to Halls 7 and 8. He told his guests that due to the long processes that characterised the release of funds to intervene in minor issues in the hostels, he had once suggested consumable stores to be located in each hostel. According to him, this will go a long way to bettering the stay of students in the hostels. 

Dean Udah advised the government to live up to the expectations of its existence as he enjoined the Union to consider the removal of 'Republic' in the signage in front of the hostel. According to him, it was a directive from the management. As he read a text message from his mobile device. The text as reading said, 'I have discovered that the Post Graduate Graduate Students name their hostel republic. There cannot be two republics in a country. There can name theirs Secretariat after Ali Mungono but not as a Republic'. 

Explaining, Udah said the text communicated the desire of the management which is represented by the VC. When he was told that the reference of 'republic' is to differentiate their Post Graduate Government from the undergraduate Union, the Dean said the naming of Malabo was a reflection of the suffering that plagued the place in the 70s and 80s. He called for 'a reconsideration to the republic thing'. 

The Union Head Abanda Uket handed the Dean a letter of congratulations for accepting the appointment. This was followed by a presentation of a Spar branded Xmas bag whose contents posed a shock and excuses expression of delight from the Dean. 

Other PGSG dignitaries present at the august visit were : Vice President Mkpouto Otong, the Financial Secretary Cletus Etim Ogar, the Director of Welfare Eugene Etta Onor and the Director of Social, Peace Arikpo. 

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