Sunday, 18 February 2018

Kolenda sets two drums of fetish items on fire at Calabar Miracle Crusade

Our Correspondent|17 February 2018

Two drums laden with fetish items left  by people who received Christ at the Great Calabar Miracle Crusade were set on fire by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda on Day Two of the impactful Crusade NegroidHaven has learnt. 
The items comprising charms, juju, occult items among others were brought by their owners on instructions of the Evangelist on Day One of the programme that those who own such items should bring them  for destruction after they have made Jesus the Lord of their lives. 
The two drums kept  on both sides of the auditorium and in response to his instructions many people brought their fetish items which filled the drum sand after praying over them a burn fire was made of the item.
Evangelist Kolenda also prayed and broke curses in the land to set the people free from the sprits of prostitution, kidnapping, armed robbery, mermaid, shedding of blood and other demonic activities that have plagued the land of Calabar and the entire state for so long.
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