Saturday, 24 February 2018

Maybe the generation that will rescue Nigeria is yet unborn —Princewill Odidi

24 February 2018 

Maybe the generation that will rescue Nigeria is yet unborn. Or maybe we should resort to prayer and fasting to salvage our nation. 

It is obvious we are designed to fail. But why should we fail at a time smaller African countries are beginning to get it right? 

We had a government in the past were funds meant to fund the military to stop Boko Haram killings were pocketed by private people, our brothers and sisters mercilessly murdered, yet we see nothing wrong with it, people brought sea water in vessels and claimed it was fuel, NNPC paid them subsidies in billions, yet we see nothing wrong with that, the contract regimes got so corrupted that people got assigned contracts, never executed, never went to site, yet the bureaucrats issued certificates of completion and we see nothing wrong with that, we lived in a country that virtually every institution was abused, the policeman turned to a public beggar, our mobile policemen literally became armed robbers, our governors looting state funds with impunity yet we sing their praise, our young people some graduated from college for years, no jobs, some have resorted to tailoring, security, hotel cleaners and even bus conductors yet we see nothing wrong with that, our hospitals have become mortuaries, our children die of preventable diseases, ordinarily you will think the people will rise up and revolt, we rather sing the praises of our tormentors and prefer to send Buhari out of Aso rock. 

It is surprising to note that as Nigerians we feel what we have today is worst than the hell we went through before 2015. Pat Utomi only expressed his informed opinion which some of us agree with him, rather than take a closer look at his reasoning, we rather resort to calling him names and listing all his failed companies. 

Fellow Nigerians who hath bewitched us not to know when the path at least hath some hope? It may not be perfect, some decisions maybe rash and insensitive with ethnic coloration, but at least it is still better. 

If our people reason this way, as expressed on various platforms, I am beginning to ask, Is there really hope for our country going forward?

Princewill Odidi
Is a Social Commentator writing from Atlanta 

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