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PUBLIC RELATIONS 101 : Free Advise on how to Engage Blogger Efio-Ita Nyok —by Justus Inspire

2 February 2018

In view of the controversy that may have characterised the online activities of a certain Blogger based in Calabar, Nigeria, that is, Mr Efio-Ita Nyok particularly in relationship with a lawmaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, namely, Senator Gershom Henry Bassey, a User Experience (UX) designer, to wit, Justus Inspire has offered quite a lengthy thread on how media handlers of public officers should respond to bloggers, journalists, critics, social media commentators and public affairs analyst, constituents etc. 

Summarily, Justus has opined that handlers of politicians and the like should first understand the main gist of a informative reaction, then respond factually and logically. Hear him out : 

My Relationship with Blogger Nyok
I have been following the young man, Efio-Ita Nyok's works with keen interest both online and offline. We have engaged on issues ranging from politics, religion, relationship and most times we end up as philosophers in our dialogues. 

Although I must say, am not a trained philosopher but he is and will soon be a master degree holder in the act of philosophy. But I have come to learn one or two things in philosophy and also the art of engaging with the young man Efio-Ita Nyok. I have decided to write out some free advice or tips if you like to call it that, for all public officer's media aides, so they learn how to engage people online in the 21st century and social media age. 

Capacity training for media handlers of public officers? 
Was any conference organized by public officers in Cross River to lecture their media aides on how to do that? Non that I know of. Was there a town hall meeting to discuss this? Never attended any so I guess one Olisameka Okonkwo would not accuse me of writing from my note book things I learned from the meeting. Am I looking for a job from any public officer? With what I hear the pay is, no thanks am not, but if the fee was increased to match my value and worth, I would gladly teach you guys because not interested working as media aide to anyone I have a different path that I walk on but mind you; again, this is not a job application but had to mention that because that is their new house style when you speak up, they accuse you of seeking for employment from their principal. There is no need to shame-talk me. Maybe they are afraid if their principal hires you, there goes their job and value. So, what else would you accuse me of again since I have done that for you? Oh!! there's another one "Cheap popularity''... Efio-Ita Nyok has really suffered sha!! All these accusation on just one man. That could be complicated though because am not seeking for popularity because if you know me and what I do, am a behind the scene guy, I make individuals popular. Just ask around. Understand that? So now that we have gotten rid of any distraction in class, let the lesson begin.

Understanding a critic, blogger, analyst l etc
As a social media aide or a spokesman to any public officer, when ever you see a post about your principal, you need to first read and understand what the person is writing about. Get some context and nuances to the story written. Understand it. If it is so difficult to, call up the writer and ask for explanation and not just jumping up to put up some lame ass defense you might end up doing more harm than good to your principal like what most of you are doing. 

Examples can be seen above the thread. After that, you need to know what the position of your principal is on the issues raised by the post. In a case where you do not have full information, ask your principal or someone who does. That was why you were hired : to relate the mind of your principal to the public, simple. Not attack the public. Getting to know your principal stand on the issues gives you a better chance to educate the public based on the issues the post raised. 

Undo the critic by researching not abusing
Now, move to see loose ends in the said post not so you could insult the living day light off the writer but so you can make your case and educate the writer. If you are a good writer, you can make the writer of the post see how baseless his claims were, making him look stupid without even saying "You are foolish for insulting the distinguished...." you get my point? What this would do is make anyone who wants to write against your principal think twice, make research and cross check facts before making a tweet or post. 

Every post made against your principal is an opportunity for you to tell the public what he has done and is doing not to trade insult on those who do. Debate intelligently. Many principals in Cross River state has been put on the defensive because of Efio-Ita Nyok, Ukorebi Esien and other great minds I may not really know well that is because, you as a media aide has failed to tell us what your principal is up to his score cards and the difficulties he is facing in representing his people. You wait till they write against him and instead of you writing a clever responds to redeem yourself, you tell us how you have personally benefited from your principal and the turn by turn story...come on guys, I mean who does that? 

Ideal way to undo Blogger Efio-Ita Nyok 
The best way to discredit Efio-Ita Nyok is to look at what he has written, gather the facts and documents to back them up make a clear write up to counter his intelligently with facts and figures and don't come up with the lame excuses of he is looking for cheap popularity, he is this and that. Those claims are for losers and amateur journalist. 

Dust yourself and get back to work. Class dismissed. Don't thank me in the comment below. 

Did Justus Inspire make sense here or not? Have your say, please... 

Justus Inspire 
Your Social Media Relations Teacher

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