Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Refund OF N1.7 Billion to EFCC —by Ben Usang

27 February 2018 

If the information am getting is true about the refund of N1.7 billion by the former Chief of Army Staff during the GEJ administration to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission( EFCC), then my wholehearted commendations goes to President Muhammadu Buhari, the Acting EFCC Chairman and the entire EFCC personnel for being able to remain dogged in pursuing those who diverted our public funds meant for fighting insurgency for their personal use. 

At a crucial time the nation is desperately seeking funds to fight the various security challenges across the country, for funding the ambitious infrastructural projects of the Buhari's Administration or for the government to keep funding poverty reduction initiatives that government is involve in, the recovery is an undisputed good news.

This information is coming on the heels of a negative rating of the country by Transparency International in their Corruption Perception Index. I have already stated in my previous post that the Transparency International failed to consider such achievements as this latest recoveries by government which has surely acted as a deterrent to many intending looters of our commonwealth. 
Having also looked up the website of Transparency International, the criteria for the assessment was more interested in the the level of risk the Press and Civil Society encounter in the performance of their functions of holding government to account in the anti-corruption crusade. 

I enjoin the government and the anti-corruption agencies in the country not to be deterred in their agenda of wiping out corruption in country, they should also know that while they can count on our support in this fight they should not be weary of our constructive criticism when they are not performing maximally.

I am optimistic that Nigeria will be great again as Corruption is not allowed to impede the nation's progress. 

Ben Usang is a Civil Society leader, Development Activist and Public Affairs Commentator who writes from Calabar, Nigeria

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