Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Again, three confirmed dead in Obubra and Izzi boundary clash

George Odok|21 March 2018 

I feel so pained that residents of the riverine area in Obubra are bastardy killed by the Izzi people of Ebonyi state without adequate security provision from relevant government authorities.

Sadly, the Cross River State Government has not effectively tackled the issue of security head-on, hence the need for a security expert to be hired to drive the process to produce result. 

It's over three months since the state governor ever held a security meeting with Chief Security Officers in the state to appraise the level of insecurity in the state. 

Today in Cross River State, there is low response from the side of government when there is security breaches.

Residents are kidnapped and kept for as long as two months in captivity before they are released.

Communal and cult clashes are allowed to linger for days while lives and properties are destroyed before the government intervenes. This shouldn't be so for a government that have promised adequate security for her citizenry.

The people can no longer defend themselves from such barbaric attacks, hence they depend on the government for rescue. 

Last week, it was a communal clash in Eastern Boki where over three persons lost their lives. A week later, the tragic episode shifted to Boki West where over four persons where killed as a result of rival cult clash.

Today, the good people of Obubra LGA are suffering from deadly attack by their Izzi neighbours of Ebonyi state across the riverine area. 

Just last year, the military where on a peace keeping mission in this very area that is flowing with blood today. What went wrong again, just five months after? 

It's time for the Cross River State Government to re-structure it's security strategy because the state had witnessed too many killings as a result of communal, cult clashes and inter-boundary conflicts. 

The administration of governor Ben Ayade should revive it's Quick Emergency Response Centre and be on alert to prevent such clashes from happening.

The once Peaceful State, "Destination Cross" is now threatened by men of the underworld who have turned their long throats into selecting rich businessmen and top politicians for kidnap and demand of huge ransom. 

The Cross River State government should as a matter of urgency, collaborate with the GOC, 82 Division Enugu and deploy troops to the affected area to forestall peace and orderliness. 

While this is done, both the Cross River and Ebonyi States Government should mobilise resources and create a permanenyt security post at the direct boundary of Ogurude in Obubura and their Izzi neighbours with a view to prevent future occurrences.

George Odok 
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