Saturday, 10 March 2018

C'River to adopt auto disable syringes for facilities in the state as CalaPharm set to join in the manufacturing process

Anokwuru Uche Alexis|10 March 2018 

Auto Disable Syringes (ARD) are gradually phasing out conventional syringes due to the level of technological advancement in the production which allows the plunger to disable after a single use it. 

A recent inspection of First Medical Sterlie Products yard by the Cross River State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Inyang Asibong helps us understand why medical practitioners are opting for ADS instead of the conventional syringes.

Speaking during the inspection, Dr. Asibong hinted that the State Government is always on the lookout for technological advancements especially in medicine and public health, in a bid to providing worldsclass healthcare delivery system in the State at an affordable price.

'ADS prevent the reuse of syringes and also helps to prevent transmission of bloodborne pathogens between patients.

The Calabar Pharmaceutical company is designed to become a big player in pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply in the country with our array of world-class professionals and hi-tech equipments lined up to ensure we achieve this feat, one of which is the manufacturing of both ADS and conventional syringes for market stability.

We will also be building the capacities of our health workers in this regard especially during routine immunization programs in conferment with the WHO Technical Network for Logistics in Health, which recommends that activities be initiated to encourage the transfer of production technology of these syringes as a means of promoting their use and enhancing access to the technology.' -Dr. Asibong

The Managing Director of First Medical, Dr. I. I. Nnadi said conventional syringes were being widely reused and this prompted WHO to request for ADS in 1986, and this has been met with the production of different ADS designs in accordance to a standard performance specification.

According to him only Uganda has an 85% adoption ratio of the ADS, and this puts them ahead of other African countries in this regard.

He also experessed the readiness of the firm to partner with CalaPharm to make Cross River State the major producers and suppliers of ADS in the country.

Although the ADS are quite expensive to produce and sell, but their benefits are enormous.

Anokwuru Uche Alexis
Writes from Calabar 

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