Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Murder of Innocent Humanitarian Workers —by Ben Usang

7 March 2018 

The Killing of three innocentt aid workers is a very ugly development as the nation continues to battle the Boko Haram insurgents. This action by the terrorist is horrible and a display of cowardice on their part. Having been loosing the war they declared against the Nigerian nation they now resort to soft targets who are in the state in a humanitarian mission. May the grace of God be sufficient for the families that have lost their love one, the families of those injured in the attack and that of the missing nurse who was in the scene of attack. 

The recent escalation of the attacks by the insurgents is regrettable and seems to be connected with the overstretching of the military personnel to handle other security threats to the nation. 

Government should at this point explore international partnership with countries that sincerely love our nation with the aim of requesting their support to stamp out this scourge. At the moment the full commitment of our neighbouring countries to support us fully in this war with the insurgents is doubtful or at best not convincing. 

May God protect those who are still risking their lives in the front line of this conflict. It is expected that the government provide adequate security to these Humanitarian during the course of performing their live saving function to prevent further death of this harmless civilians. 

I appeal to AID agencies who have lost their personnel not to withdraw from the troubled spots but to do all in their power to engage the government effectively to provide them security to perform their vital task.

Ben Usang in writes from Calabar, Nigeria

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