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My relationship with Princess after Big Brother —ex-BBNaija housemate, Bitto Bryan

Our Correspondent|16 March 2018

Despite suffering early eviction from the Big Brother Naija double wahala show, BITTO BRYAN ARUMUN has left nothing to chance in asserting himself in the sphere of things in the Nigerian entertainment and telecasting enterprise. In this exclusive interview with OBAJI ABUNG-AKPET the former on air personality at Cross River Broadcasting Cooperation (CRBC) and club manager gives insight about some of his memorable experience in BBN, his relationship with housemate, PRINCESS; some of the opportunities the reality TV show has opened him to thereafter plus he tries to clear some hanging controversies trailing him.


Question: Kindly relive some of your most treasured moments at the BBN House.

Bitto: My moments at BBN were beyond the few moments captured on Screen.

I recall in nostalgia the moment I got called up on stage by Ebuka, and was ushered into the Big Brother Naija house.

I recall the moment I won the first Payporte Arena game.

My most treasured were doing what was in my line of passion. My creativity and contributions to the weekly tasks that involved radio dramas on pressing societal and health issues, in which I had to script, narrate, perform voice over, act and radio-host.

I cherish every moment in the BBN house because there were priceless to me. Even the moment I was evicted is a treasure to me.

Question: Tell me How much has changed about you after BBN

Bitto: After BBN, pretty Much has changed, Firstly I am more of known Name and face than I was before BBN .

More opportunities as it regards putting my skills and abilities to work.

During my time in the house , I was noted for my hard work , team spirit and oratory skills. So coming out of the house, a lot of opportunities have presented themselves.

But it's best to allow the organizations be the first to announce it, besides it's more of paper work now.

Question: Specifically talking, you're a television and radio personality before  your participation in BBN, tell me your plans after the show.

Bitto: my plans after the big brother is to leverage on the platform and amplify my potentials as they revolve around the media, entertainment and engage in humanitarian activities.

Question: fellow housemate and your partner, Princess said she wouldn't forgive you based on what she perceived as you being insincere on your marital status while in the house, tell me your current relationship with her days after BBN plus tell me some communication plot points that have existed between the two of you since then.

Bitto: I and Princess are no longer in any form of quarrel. Princess has been apologetic after she discovered the true status of relationship. She asked me to forgive her for slapping me and being physical . A lot of viewers and the housemates misunderstood the reason big brother paired us. It was meant to be strategic but it was presumed to be a common law marriage or a couple retreat . on the bright side the Big brother game is over; Princess and I are back to our respective lives but if we need to collaborate on projects we sure would.

Our eviction party in Lagos was the last time we met. But we communicate frequently on social media.

Question: Any relationship goals with Princess after BBN?

Bitto: No. Strictly business. I see business potentials than anything else.

Question: Back at BBN, you told the media you expected your eviction, can you tell how you saw this eviction coming?

Bitto: Why the eviction was not new to me was because before I came into the Big Brother House, I had very little followers on social media, no strong entertainment background, no godfathers; and in this game its the numbers that count. So I saw it as a clear gamble. This is because before you build a fan base you might be evicted on your first nomination. So enjoy the free two weeks publicity . Secondly play the fool , your housemates wouldn't nominate you if they don't perceive you as a threat, which to me worked until Big Brother put us all up for possible eviction.. Once that happened I knew I was done for, plus the bad omen of having your strategic partner condemning you to the whole house and even hitting you. Come on the writing was clearly on the wall.

Again, the theme for this year's show revolved Around romance, intrigue and Drama. I was prepared for the drama not the romance. I had very little of the romance to offer because I didn't want to compromise my relationship outside the house.

Question: Tell me about what you explained to be wardrobe malfunction while soothing Nina at the house, Nigerians are taking long to swallow that reason with a gulp of water, do you now have a different reason to dish out?

Bitto: In all honesty, I can't take off my pants for Nigerians to validate my claim, but at least you have Ifu and Vandora's testimonies about my endowment. So I beg to rest my case.

Question: Your relationship outside the house, what has changed before and after BBN?

Bitto: My life in the BBNaija house has brought us closer, She respects the way I handled all the pressure.

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