Monday, 19 March 2018

So Calabar Municipality is also a gangster hub —Ekeng Inyang

19 March 2018 

The recent cult pandemonium in Calabar metropolis which has unsettled the air and raised security concerns have all been masterminded and executed out of Calabar South.  

Elites and social media agents of such places like Calabar Municipality will not market such news so that potential investors will not be frightened or possibly create the impression that it is unsafe and vulnerable to these challenges. 

They use security as a major tool to promote their content, thereby propelling a drift from other parts of the state to the Municipal. A very good business for the landlords who now give exorbitant prices for their properties. 

The impression you get is that, Calabar South is unsafe to settle and that their inhabitants are savages and uncivilized. Lies! Blatant lies!! Well, if you want to kill a dog, you give it a bad name...

Just yesterday record shows that 8miles alone have the highest number of kills in just a day where more than five (5) were gruesomely murdered, as one of the gang member who happens to be a security guard was even attacked in a Bank, Union Bank precisely. Is Bank not supposed to be one of the most protected facility? 

Over the week, Ikot Ishie, Essien Town, Akai Efa and Ekorinim have recorded cult related unreported kills.

According to wiki reports of 2011, America, presumably one of the most security aegis in the world, plays host to over 33,000 gangs. Shocked!? 
Well, in my next article, I will do an exegesis on that. In Calabar, 2013 recorded the most dreaded cult rivalry year of all times with over 200 young people sent to the morgue and a good number of others missing till date. 

Today, over a hundred cult group parade in full glare, executing the mandate of their establishment. This record, beats the 2007 record as released by the Criminal Investigation Department, claiming that Calabar plays host to over 46 cult groups. As the record hypes, so it's their exponential growth in population, scope and territory, as they have outstretched the Calabar River to the Creeks. 

A story that begun with a handful of school dropouts serving as thugs and mercenaries under payroll of some very powerful and disturbed politicians to a very organized system that determines who becomes a politician...A case study of "the hunter becoming the hunted".

Obudu Local Government today annexes for Northern Cross River, while Ikom for the Center. The seeds has grown and very soon every farmer will have to harvest their fruit or it will be harvested for them. 

Is it not the problem of Calabar South, it's the Worlds'. Be informed!

Ekeng Inyang 
Writes from Calabar 

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