Thursday, 15 March 2018

Speaker John Lebo under fire for being unpopular!

Efio-Ita Nyok|15 March 2018 

The Speaker of the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly and Honourable Member representing Abi State Constituency, Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo, has been taunted for reportedly being unpopular by a University don, Mr Peter Inyali NegroidHaven can say. 

Mr Inyali via his Facebook account 'Inyali Peter', Wednesday, mocked that Lebo five minutes after uploading on his social media (Facebook) handle 'John Gaul Lebo' pictures of his constituency projects didn't inspire any likes, shares or comments from his fans on Facebook who are his constituents. Inyali interpreted this to be 'unpopularity' against the Speaker. 

According to him, '... Five hours later even when he's announcing the projects he has purportedly done, no single like, comment or even reshare by his constituents. My Abi brothers and sisters, is this how unpopular this very intelligent young man we all had high hopes on has become?'. 

But, our correspondent learnt that Lebo in response to a similar post like Inyali's reportedly said that, 'I'll begin to take Facebook seriously when polling units are hosted there'. 

Speaker Lebo maybe suffering this alleged unpopularity probably because he may have 'blocked' numerous fans and constituents of his who hold dissimilar opinions from having access to his social media accounts. Hmmm! 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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