Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Unfortunate Loss of Precious Lives across the Country —by Ben Usang

21 March 2018 

The continued loss of many lives in attacks alleged to be perpetrated by Fulani Herdsmen in Benue, Plateau, Taraba and just recently Kogi despites the measures put in place by the Federal Government and the State government of the affected states is indeed very sad and regrettable. I imagine the sorrow the families that have lost their loved ones to these attacks will be going through by loosing their loved ones, their only abode and most of the running for safety in places far from their homes and thereby becoming internally displaced in their own country. 

These reports of constant loss of lives across the country, including in my state, will no doubt give the nation a negative image as the international community continue to watch as our government both at the state and federal level are unable to contain the massacre of its citizens without any responsibility being taken by any public officer for negligence though we now have few cases of arrest and court trials of perpetrators. While the media continue to report attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen on farming communities in various parts of the country, it is important for them not to ignore other cases of security problems in other parts of the country not linked to herdsmen/farmers clashes. 

Here in Cross River State, the cult war in schools and neighbourhoods have defied every solution and blood is being spilt almost daily from the clashes of rival cult groups, inter community land ownership clashes continue unabated while kidnapping is increasing and becoming more sophisticated among other crimes that had been affecting the state such as arm robbery. 

It is high time the government sets targets for our security forces to contain these security challenges just as they are required to sufficiently fund the security agencies for maximum performance but what many citizens require now is that if targets are not met then responsible officers should resign accordingly or be fired by the President. The business as usual attitude can no longer suffice.

Ben Usang is a Civil Society leader, Development Activist & Public Affairs Commentator who writes from Calabar, Nigeria. 

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