Friday, 16 March 2018

VIDEO: Cameroun's armoured tanker placed on Nig-Cameroun border, tanker faces Nig! Custom official frowns

Efio-Ita Nyok|16 March 2018 

Motion picture of an armoured tanker belonging to the Republic of Cameroun and Camerounian soldiers advancing on the border of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Cameroun has filtered into public domain NegroidHaven can report authoritatively. 

Thursday, 15 March around 7:07AM, one Otora Agbor a Facebook user presumably a Nigerian uploaded a video of Camerounian government stationing its military hardware on the border demarcating the two countries precisely at Mfum. According to the video, the tanker was facing Nigeria with a plethora of Camerounian soldiers and the unidentified Nigerian custom official was heard to be saying, 'I am experiencing a war situation now. You cannot bring an armoured tank to the bridge. That is a war situation. That is very wrong! The soldiers are on the bridge. International rule does not accept any operation on top of the bridge...'  

According to Otora Agbor, 'Cameroonian Gendarmerie stationed an armoured military tank on Nigeria - Cameroon border bridge at Mfum facing the Nigerian side. This is s clear violation of international best practice and an infringement as well as threat to the lives and property of inhabitants in that border area in the Nigerian side. 

'The FGN should note that her eastern neighborhood is under siege and hence be proactive. Nigeria's good neighbourliness posture of her foreign policy is causing her more damage especially from her eastern neighbour, rather than elicit reciprocity of good gestures. It high time the Nigerian government rise to the occasion. The Cross River people are yet to recover from the manner the Bakassi issue was handled without recourse to the Atlantic Charter, this is yet another attempt by the Cameroonian government to porch on the territorial sovereignty of the Nigerian state'.

One Michael Chinedu Dike said, 'The Cameroonians have a strong belief that Nigerian are either Boko Haram or Herdsmen. They are blocking all the entry points from Nigeria. Besides, the Anglophone Cameroonians who have been agitating for their State of AMBAZONIA have been using Nigeria's permeable borders as entry, exit and points of aggregation. They must be acting on Intelligence Reports. 

'Remember, that France is strongly behind them. If their arsenals are not on Nigeria's soil, and within a reasonable distance from Nigeria, they are acting within the ambits of international law, no matter the direction of the nuzzle of their armoured vehicle. That is the true position'.

Miss Elizabeth Hogan, a Nigerian student of history has said, 'This is violation of the international law and wouldn't support the Nigerian government taking this lightly one bit' . 

It seems to me that the Camerounian government is beginning to acquire new convenience and think it should be biting more than it can chew. Camerounian military reportedly invaded Nigerian soil recently to raid refugees camp and nothing happened. What guts! 

My only disappointment is that the Nigerian government will do no nothing! Let them prove me wrong... 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is the Blogger-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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