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APC CRS Congress: Maj Gen AT Umaru writes APC NWC, indicts Egwunatum of sharp practices

21 May 2018 

The Chairman 
All Progressive Congress
No 40 Blantyre Road
Wuse 11

Dear Sir,



1. Following the botched All Progressive Congress (APC), Wards and Local Government Congress for Cross River State, the National Chairman of the Party, His Excellency, Chief J. O. Oyegun reconstituted the Committee on 8th may 2018, and Major General A. T. Umaru (Rtd) was appointed to replace the Chairman of the disbanded Committee. The other five members are made up of:

a. Barrister Ambrose Egwunatum
b. Dr. Musa
c. Dr Sadeeq
d. Hajia Binta
e. Mrs Chekwe
f. Mr Ilori

Capt. A. Chioma was appointed to assist the Chairman, while Mr. Ilori did not show up for the exercise. The Committee met with all Security Chiefs in the State on 10th May, 2018. The Committee thereafter met with the members of the Local Organizing Committee made up of the State Chairman, Secretary, Organizing and Publicity Secretaries, as well as the State Party officials. The Committee met with an expanded and selected stakeholders.

2. The series of meetings led to an agreed agenda for the Wards Congress in the first instance. After the conclusion of the Wards Congress, and results and petitions arising therefrom compiled, the stage was set for the Local Government Congress in the State. The Local Government Congress was concluded for 17 Council Areas on 18th 2018, but congress did not hold in Biase LGA. The completed for majority of the Local Government were received on the 18th May 2018.


3. The Hon. Minister and Sen. John Owan Enoh nominated Returning Officers for Ward and LGA Congresses.

4. Ward Congress.
The election materials for the 196 Wards in Cross River State were distributed on 11th May 2018. The exercise was concluded successfully in almost all the Wards despite minor hitches. The results were received along with petitions in some Wards. The collation of the results was concluded and the stage was set for the Local Government Congress.

5. Local Government Congress.
Preparation for the Local Government Congress commenced with Stakeholders meeting, which led to a seemingly perfect agenda. Materials were distributed on Tuesday 15th May 2018. Following complaints of change of results by the Committee for some Local Government to use the results that were given to the NPF, DSS and INEC. This was compiled with, though it delayed completion of the exercise within the timeline set.


6. There were a number of complaints through petitions received by the Committee, which naturally was kept with the Secretary of the Committee. There was never any official communication with the Appeal Panel, though, we understood they were around. Uptil the time of this Report, the Secretary did not disclose the number of petitions received or who he handed over the petitions to.


7. The Committee collected the results from four (4) Local Government Areas that completed their elections in good time on Wednesday 16th May 2018. There were outstanding results for 14th Local Government Areas. When the Committee was in the Secretariat on Thursday 17th May 2018 to complete collection of the results, a minor incident occurred between the two groups. Unknown to the Chairman, Secretary and some other members had procured their air tickets and left for Abuja with the results of the four Local Government Areas earlier received.

8. The Chairman was therefore left behind with his Assistant Capt A. Chioma to collect the results for the following LGAs.

A. Bakassi... LGA
B. Odukpani... LGA
C. Akamkpa... LGA
D. Calabar Municipality LGA
E. Calabar South LGA
F. Akpabuyo LGA
G. Obanliku LGA
H. Obudu LGA
I. Etung LGA
J. Bekwara LGA
K. Obubra LGA
L. Ikom LGA.

The Congress did not hold in Biase LGA.

9. I handed over the results of 13th Local Government Areas along with the bound copy of Delegates for the State Congress to the Director Administration APC, Alhaji Abdullahi Yusuf Gashua on the 18th May 2018.


10. The Ward and Local Government Congresses in Cross River State held as scheduled, but for time constraints it could have been better. The Secretary of the Committee Barr. Ambrose Egwunatum rallied the rest of the members to present fake results to the National Secretariat of the Party. He stated that I directed him to do so. I never did. He did not have the complete results or mandate to submit to any office. He was part of the charade that compelled the Party to replace the State Congress as there exist no basis for it at the moment.

11. Respectfully submitted for your consideration.

Major General

NegroidHaven hasn't independently confirmed this report to be coming from the Congress Committee chair, Umaru. 

Again, if the indictment by Umaru on Egwunatum is true, who/what inspired that? 

There are more that meets the eyes... Hmmm! 

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