Monday, 21 May 2018

EPIC: Journalist George Odok bears his mind on Harry and Markle's wedding

21 May 2018 

May 19 2018 will go down in history as a memorable day for Meghan Markle, the latest Duchess of Sussex. 

The Duchess of Sussex is a divorcee, a smoker, a movie star and of course has black blood. She's a proper definition of "Unmarriageable" in our Afro-parlance of marriage. She's what many people would call "Tokumbo".

She is four years ahead of her husband in age; this is hard to come by in a typical African setting. 

She's nothing close to the first alphabet in the word "Virgin" but somehow, it pleases the Duke of Duchess to become his wife. 

As an actress, she has kissed more men and more times on set than she has kissed her husband.

She's overtly imperfect just like Prince Harry, and she is originally unroyal; but today, this lady is the Duchess of Sussex and now bears the British Coat of Arms.

When someone looks into your eyes and see a future of togetherness, your dirty past, if you ever had them, will be ignored. Your story line in his/her heart will be the script of love and happiness. Harry saw the person in Markel above his own "Royal Personality".

At this point, religion, culture, class and tribalism will be ignored. The new song will be "I love you above everything".

This world is not our home. It's a globe of amazing possibilities.

If they were Nigerians, people would say juju lent a hand in their union. (or their village people are at work).

Marriage is a union of two imperfect friends, lovers and forgivers, who have sworn and promised to live and build a life and future together and in that fulfil their individual and collective purpose and destiny.

You can never stumble into one way that works for all.

These two people have figured out their lives, the world kicks and  rotates for them like a distressed fetus but this is really going down and it's beautiful.

You may have even had kids and botched from your marriage and relationship but chill, when the real partner comes, he'll see you.

Meghan is not privileged, she's fine, and she's simply abreast with her destiny. 
Her former hubby is a movie producer, probably richer than Harry and she's an A-list actress who premiered in the TV series Suits.

It's not about the money.
As her father in-law handed her over to the charming Prince, he said calmly 'You look amazing, I'm so lucky'. This is supposed to happen and here we have it.

She was wedded with the honor and accolades of a thousand maids and virgins.

A person of substance remains. 
Past experiences and circumstances would only affect you adversely and ultimately obliterate your destiny if you so permit. Hold on!

As you two begin this journey in simplicity, complexity, elegance and power, I hope and pray that this union stands the test of time and the lesson therein remains impressed on our minds.
It's such an amazing thing to be in love with your heart desire. 

Her gown was designed by Clare Waight Keller, the first artistic designer of Givenchy. It's simple and unique.
It's also noteworthy that this wedding was all shades of classy; no foolishness, no nakedness, no rough make-up. It was a model royal wedding.

Prince Williams will rule the empire someday and his wife, Kate Middleton will become the queen. Thereafter, Prince Harry will set in with Meghan, and a black British princess will equally become the queen someday. 

Gradually, history is been made!

George Odok 
Is a NAN Correspondent 

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