Saturday, 26 May 2018

I regret marrying after 30, Nig physicist Eno Beke Ikwen confesses. Read details

Mr Eno Beke Ikwen 
Efio-Ita Nyok|26 May 2018 

Atmospheric physicist, Mr Eno Beke Ikwen, has revealed one of his biggest regrets in life —marrying after the age of 30! 

Ikwen recently made this confession in a witty-worded four paragraph social media thread. The long and short for the University of Calabar-trained physicist, is articulated like this: 'If you can fall in love and have sex, you can fall in love and marry and be responsible'. 

'One of my biggest regret is marrying after 30. When I calculate the number of years I have left to be in public service, I notice, my pension that I would have used to flex with my wife, go on vacation, and buy gifts for my grand children might still be used for training my 3 children in school.

'2019 will be 20 years, since I finished secondary education. At this age my last child ought to have been done with FSLC.

'For those who are 30 still living irresponsibly, I pray you open your eyes. So you don't have regrets. Don't allow 35 meet you single and irresponsible. If you can fall in love and have sex, you can fall in love and  marry and be responsible. Don't waste your energy. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Early planning, leads to better and early result. 

'Don't wait to be "Financially Stable". There is no state like that. Even Dangote still eyes Bill Gates money. Marry with what you have. Family is the building block of every nation. Let's invest our all in building it.

While it must be admitted that Mr Eno Beke Ikwen has made significant sense, I still find it difficult to see how the concept of 'responsibility' found its way into this beautifully-written piece —I would love to be educated more. 

It's one thing to raise kids early in one's life, it's another thing, I think, to label those who are yet married to be living irresponsibly. Or, is marriage now the standard for measuring responsible living? 

No doubt, there's something positive a woman will do in the live of a man, and vice versa but, my question is —is it all married persons who have subjected themselves to this influence? Are all husbands and wives living responsibly? 

Don't we have spinsters and bachelors who are living responsibly? I am pretending to understand what 'responsible' means by Ikwen. 

For me, living deliberately and successfully is responsibility. 

Meanwhile, let every yet-to-be-married persons, due for such enterprise, go and marry ooooo, before you say I said you should live 'irresponsibly'. Ikwen thanks for the advice. 

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