Sunday, 27 May 2018

Meet the Founder of NegroidHaven, William Oyo-Ita, who's a year older today!

27 May 2018 

He's born William Orok Oyo-Ita, from Ikot Nakanda in Akpabuyo local government area of Cross River state, Nigeria, West Africa. 

He's of blue-blood, specifically from the influential Oyo-Ita Royal House in the Efik Kingdom, implying that he's most likely to be the next Obong/Treaty King of Calabar. 

He's philosopher by training and is characteristically brutal in saying the truth the way he rationalises it. 

He's my undergraduate classmate: This is how we initially met. Surprisingly, we were not very close in school for obvious reasons —he's a religious man; me, I love the social aspects of life. So, why he would always gravitate towards Christian fellowship programmes on campus after classes, and latter spent a stint at Love World aka Christ Embassy in Calabar; I would orient myself towards activism rising through the rank and file to represent the students of the Faculty of Arts, in the University of Calabar Students Union Parliament. 

Sequel to our graduating from school in 2014, few months about the fourth quarter of that year, he said, 'Nyok, let's start a blog...' —this brings me to the entrepreneurial dimension of the man Oyo-Ita: he's an idea generator. His Medulla Oblongata churns sustainable ideas like shrubs, etc grow by the riverside! 

For his Choleric temperament, he asked me to structure the idea into a workable feature —so, the brand NegroidHaven  and all the associating appurtenances was borne. Sincerely, I appreciate the day we actually met, that is, in 2014. 

So, on 4th December 2014, NegroidHaven as a virtual information platform was hosted on the Internet courtesy of the genius in Oyo-Ita. 

Today, NegroidHaven is a brand with over a million unique visitors. By brand, we mean —the promise we give our fans, clients, etc and the experience they derive when they visit us or do business with: For the records, we articulate truth to power in view of liberating Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The 'Africa' explains the 'Negroid', the 'Haven' here refers to the fact that, it is our conviction that information constitute the liberating instrument for the all-round emancipation of the African continent —in NegroidHaven, the information peddled are truthful and thus, it is a haven. In the subsequent years, we intend to improve and we will! 

NegroidHaven is a legacy to be proud of. Happy birthday Mr William Orok Oyo-Ita. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is the Blogger-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN 

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