Saturday, 12 May 2018

Shaking the Crooked Table of Nigerian Doctors —by Simon Utsu

12 May 2018 

Quite amazed that the Nigeria Medical Association could make a press release, threatening to go on strike if the demands of other medical practitioners (currently striking) under the JOHESU umbrella are met. The release is nothing short of greed and wickedness. 

Why do some Nigerian doctors always feel other medical practitioners should be treated as scum? They frustrate these people and they in turn transfer aggression to the patients. JOHESU members aren't asking to be paid same with doctors, they're only asking for considerable increment and more respect at the workplace and as usual, Doctors are saying they should have studied medicine if they craved for that much respect! What is there in studying medicine sef? With one hand in my pocket and one eye closed for 6 years, I would have graduated as a doctor from any medical school in Nigeria —so our local doctors should be humble and let others live!

And it's not that the quality of service they(doctors) provide in Nigeria is in anyway commensurate to their self ascribed prima donna status! The health sector is in tatters! We can't keep blaming the government for everything! We should look inwards sometimes!

Couple of months ago in Canada 🇨🇦, the government increased the pay of Doctors and instead of celebrating, the doctors union over there rejected the increment and advised government to rather channel the monies to other medical practitioners who weren't receiving enough pay or other sectors of the country's economy. Why can't doctors in Nigeria have this kind of mindset? 

What happened to the hippocratic oath which they swore to during their induction? At least they won't be losing billions of dollars annually to the Indian medical sector alone if they reasoned like their Canadian counterparts!

Simon Utsu
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