Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Shocking statement social commentator said on Catholic Church protest against killings in Nigeria

22 May 2018 

A Nigerian social commentator/public affairs analyst, University don, legal practitioner and acclaimed social change agent, Mr Joseph Odok, has made critical remarks about the nationally-planned protest against killings in Nigeria by the Roman Catholic Church. 

In a statement titled, 'As we Embark on a Catholic Prayers Protest against the Killings in Nigeria', Odok took sides with the Church of Rome while addressing a holistic dimension to extra-judicial killings in Nigeria: for Odok, these killings are sponsored by desperate politicians. He apportioned blame to a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Excerpts:

'There are so many sponsored killings all over Nigeria, most of these killings are sponsored by politicians. Desperation for power has made some politicians align with assassins, kidnappers, armed robbers, security agencies, presidency, senate, judiciary, ritualists, civil servants etc to kill.

'I totally align myself with the Catholic Bishops and leaders of my church in the decision to call on God to intervene in the affairs of the nation especially on the many sponsored killings in Nigeria. We must all rise to protect the dignity and sanctity of lives and therefore I urge my supporters that are Catholics to join in the prayerful processing to protest the killings in Nigeria. We must rise to condemn the killings of innocent priests while celebrating mass and the blood of hundreds of Christians killed by terrorists on daily basis. We must also include the killings of hundreds of innocent Muslims that have constantly been played down by the media and biased religious leaders. We must rise in faith to begin a process that values every life both Christians, Muslims, African Traditional Worshipers and non religious persons.

'As people in Cross River state we have been spared from killings as a result of Boko Haram and Herdsmen attacks. We are rather killed in communal wars, cultism, and sponsored assassination by men in government. We as Catholics must pray in protest of the killings in our state and the total silence of the Governor who has never taken serious steps to curb the killings in the state. 

'While joining to pray in unison with the rest of Nigeria over the failure of the Federal Government in providing security for Nigerians, let's not shift blame solely on the president, we must include sponsors of violence and terrorism, we must include the negligence of most state Governors that now pocket the huge release of security votes while sacrificing human lives at the altar of greed. 

'We must include Governors who have killed the local government structures that ought to serve as the fist security officers and source of local policing in the grass root. We must include Governors that have recruited cultists and assassins in their government because of desperation for power and fame. We must include all agencies of government that have embezzled public funds and thereby causing millions of our people die as a result of poverty, sickness, non payment of salaries and gratuity etc. We must include heads of agencies and institutions that have become so power drunk and oppressive. We must include intercession for Leah Shiabu the abducted Dapchi girl still in the custody of Boko Haram. 

'I wish all my Catholic faithful a great time with God in protest for the killings in Nigeria. I pray we don't get biased by political affiliation and politicize this great opportunity of union with God'. 

—Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent. 

It will be recalled that two priests and Roman Catholic devotees were killed last month in the early hours of the day as the said Mass by Fulani Herdsmen militias who until now are yet to be apprehended. There have been numerous incidents of these terrorists having a marauding field day recently. 

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