Monday, 11 June 2018

2019: Why I can't campaign for Donald Duke, dev't expert Princewill Odidi explains

L-R: Mr Donald Duke, Mr Omoyele Sowore and Mr Princewill Odidi
Efio-Ita Nyok|11 June 2018 

International development expert, social entrepreneur, online publisher, social commentator, and political pundit, Mr Princewill Odidi, Sunday, said for the time being, he cannot campaign for former governor of Cross River State, Dr Donald Duke, because the latter belongs to the political class that believes power is given on a turn-by-turn basis by the establishment NegroidHaven has confirmed. 

The Atlanta-based development economist argues that his support for presidential hopeful, Mr Omoyele Sowore, is premised on the fact that the latter is a movement whose time has come. He added that while he won't forgive himself if he fails to support the type of change he's espoused through his writings, the establishment is afraid of Sowore and he would enjoy the support of the international community, etc. He said this while responding to an interlocutor online below his social thread. 

Hear him, 'I am not against Donald Duke. Donald has the brains and intelligence to rule Nigeria. If he finally emerges that's Ok, I will support him then. Why I cannot campaign for Donald now is because I know they will not give it to him. He belongs to the political class that believes power has to be given to you on a turn by turn basis. So the establishment will tell him to relax and wait for his turn. 

'Second if Duke is rigged out nobody will say anything. But Sowore is a movement whose time has come. I will not forgive myself if I fail to support the type of change I have always written about. The authorities are scared of Sowore, they know they cannot rig him. Moreso, the international community will believe him more than the current political class. Sowore I believe is out to take the government through the ballot box, he is not waiting for his turn to be dictated by this corrupt ruling class, he is not waiting to be given power, he is mobilizing to take power. 

'When I see Change I know it. I don't know how it will happen, but I can tell you it has started. Even if it is not Sowore at the end of the day, but this is the movement that will develop the capacity to take back Nigeria', Odidi concluded. 

Recall that on Friday, Duke declared intention to run for president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

How I wished the 2019 general elections will just be between Duke and Sowore! That is, between a 56 years old 'experienced' politician and a 47 year old activist; and not between they and the incumbent octogenarian. Hmmm! 

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is the Blogger-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of NegroidHaven 

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