Sunday, 17 June 2018

#CRONGA: Victor Moses fell more times than Jesus on his way to Golgotha Nigerians frown... Read details here

L-R: Victor Moses and Mikel Obi
Nyok|17 June 2018 

Following the 2-0 defeat by Croatia against Nigeria, yesterday, at the ongoing World Cup tournament in Russia and the falling spree of Nigerian skipper, Mr Victor Moses, Nigerians have taken turn to lampoon the falling player linking it to the fall of Jesus while at Golgotha to Calvary NegroidHaven can report. 

Some have said Moses was depicting the fall of Nigeria, the fallen Naira, etc. For instance, one DIC (@OkekeDominic450), a Nigerian Twitter user has said thus: 'Victor Moses fell more times than Jesus did on his way to Golgotha. Funny cos Jesus carried a cross and Moses couldn't make a simple cross.' 

It was @NewCityRel who said, 'Victor Moses was just advertising the fall of Nigeria...' Alex Oluwafinest (@Alexlobaloba) submitted that, 'Moses fell more than the wall of Jericho in this match'. For Boluwaji Ayomide Eniola (@mistabolu), it was, 'Wait o, between Moses and the Nigerian Naira who has fallen the most?'. 

Some have even said Moses was rising and falling like Bitcoin. The fall of Moses, Saturday, must have been unprecedented. Hmmmm! 

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