Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Not-Too-Young-To-Run: Senators, Governors are the real enemies of the youth —by Joseph Odok

6 June 2018 

The Senators and Governors have just proved that they are the real enemies of the youths. 

The Senate retained 35 years against the proposed 30 for senators and governors. 

This is how it works, the Senate is not willing to wave off any of the right for Nigeria to work. They are united in protecting their members including those with clear cases of corruption. They are defining themselves as untouchables. 

The Governors have rubber-stamped state Houses of Assembly who played their script and insisted that the age limit for vying for the office of a Governor must remain at 35

The age limit of those affected in the bill: 

State Houses of Assembly from 30-25
Federal Houses of Representative 30-25. 

President 40-35. 

The Senate is seeking for equality in open show of growing inferiority complex rather placed the qualification age of a Senator at same age with Governors and President. What the Senate simply did is to further create impression they are the upper chamber equal to the Executive, the Federal House of Reps in their estimation is for small boys. 

Chai! I have never seen immaturity as that manifested by the Saraki 8th Senate. We are also watching them in their plan to create an independent date for the senatorial elections. 

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent

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