Saturday, 16 June 2018

POLL: Ekpo Okon floors Gershom Bassey in online poll

Nyok|16 June 2018

In a Facebook poll conducted by social media user, Andrea Ekeng Inyang yesterday, incumbent lawmaker representing Cross River South at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Gershom Bassey was defeated by Ntufam Ekpo Okon NegroidHaven has garnered. 

The online poll which recorded 28 voters saw Ntufam Okon having 82% votes, leaving Chief Bassey with a paltry 18%, that is, the former has 22.96 votes while the latter had 5.04 votes. 

However, Inyang has admitted that despite the strength demonstrated by Okon over Bassey the facts still remains that this is not a true reflection of the reality on ground. According to him, it will take real voters with PVCs to elect, he also made references to the dynamics of internal democracy to select who represents who. He slammed the PDP for having the penchant to select an underdog over a popular aspirant. 

His words, 'Ntufam Ekpo Okon, a one time PDP Chairman in the state showed strength over the sitting Senator Gershom Bassey by  82% over 18%

'However, this isn't a determinant of one's popularity or a representation of the masses mandate because it must take voters who are eligible and registered with PVCs to make that call. 

'Also understanding clearly the peculiarity of party politics of the PDP where the most credible is often times NOT selected for what ever reasons best known to them.

'The prerogative as to who gets selected lies just within the hands of very few elites who then channeled the command to field agents to deliver on their decision with open display of deceit to the general public.'

Is Inyang only trying to be politically correct? It seems he does not want to hurt the feelings of Bassey. Or, is Bassey actually popular among his constituents?

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