Sunday, 6 January 2019

3 reasons why CRISSAA destroyed Owan-Enoh's billboards —DG Stanley Nsemo... Read details here

Stanley Nsemo 
6 January 2019 

The Cross River State Government, CRSG has given insight into the rationale leading to the bringing down of the campaign billboards of the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Cross River State, Sen John Owan-Enoh. 

Basically, the government through its Signage and Advertising agency, CRISSAA has cited the flouting of its rules by APC on three grounds. Particularly, it alleged that Owan-Enoh's campaign had used paper posters against its rules, didn't get clearance etc. Excerpt:

'The Cross River State Signage and Advertising Agency has observed with great intrigue the politicizing of the rules that were set long before the primaries or general election campaigns. Needless to say we have been on air in all the radio stations in CRS, announcing and repeating these announcements. I suspect you will hear it on any radio station in CRS.

'Sen Owan Enoh's campaign organization used paper posters during their primary elections and was duly informed by CRISSAA about this violation and its consequence.

'Sen Owan Enoh's campaign organization also began branding and posting of billboards before he got his CRISSAA and APCON clearance.

'Sen Owan Enoh's campaign organization has on two occasions posted materials on billboards whose owners have not fulfilled their obligations to the state govt. The latest being the posting on Marian Jan 4 2018. 

'It is interesting to note that I have had this conversation with the good Senator and members of his team multiple times, and we have documented proof of the aforementioned. I have advised that he work with crissaa to help him avoid issues like this. Some pdp candidates have also had their boards brought down for various violations as well.

'We will be sending the proof of these violations and a petition to the IG and Commissioner of Police CRS. We have received numerous threats, yet we stand firm. There are many other APC campaigns posted across the state. These individuals followed the rules.

'For the avoidance of doubt please see below some of the Senators violations and our very public warnings. The good Senator himself called me to say his boys acted wrongfully and I confirmed that I had been notified. He asked his DG to see me and I explained to him that they had pending fines. 

'Again this issue can be easily resolved when the fine is paid. We look forward to helping the Senator as we have helped other members of his party and other political parties.' 

Stanley Nsemo 
Director General 
Cross River State Signage and Advertising Agency, CRISSAA 
5 January 2019

Last week the billboards of the gubernatorial candidate of the People's Democratic Party, PDP Prof Ben Ayade was destroyed by suspected allies to Owan-Enoh. 

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