Monday, 21 January 2019

Best thank you for Ayade's car gift is voting you in as Gov in 2019 - Paramount Ruler to Owan-Enoh

Our Correspondent|21 January 2019 

The Paramount Ruler of Boki Local Government Area has acknowledge the APC gubernatorial candidate, Sen John Owan Enoh for being instrumental to the car gifting he got from the incumbent governor of the state.

The Royal father who said he was grateful for the gift by his excellency Sen Prof Ben Ayade noted that the gift which came in after three and a half years of the governor's leadership was only possible because the governor had a strong opponent in the forthcoming general elections, in person of Sen Owan, as such the gift was politically motivated. 

He therefore, said in appreciation to the APC gubernatorial candidate, senator John Owan, he will ensure he works on the people of Boki to see Owan becomes victorious at the polls come March 2nd 2019.

'I reserved my thank you, because a mere thank you may not mean anything, the best thank you I have for you is to vote you into office as the governor of this state. It was not difficult for me to tell you thank you, My job is to influence the Boki people, to call the Boki people together to vote his excellency to power come the 2019 election.

'And if you get into office, among several other things we are demanding for in Boki is the road network in our Local Government Area. I want to assure you that you are already the governor of the state. To me, I think that's the best 'Thank You' I can give to you". He said. 

Earlier the Cross River State APC candidate had accused the Royal Father of being one of the few, Paramount Rulers who were yet to call to thank him for the car gifting he received from the incumbent governor of the state, Sen Prof Ben Ayade.

Explaining further, the gubernatorial hopeful noted that more than 15 Paramount Rulers have called to thank him for the cars they received from His Excellency, noting that the governor had never held any meeting with the traditional leaders in the state let alone caring about their welfare, only to wake up after three and half years of governance to distribute cars to Paramount Rulers.

While addressing the teeming crowd that waited to welcome him in Boki, Sen Owan Enoh said, In 2014/2015 Cross River State was the 11th state in the nation but after three and half years of governor Ben Ayade, Cross River State is now 36 out of 36 in the nation. 

His words, 'Everyday and everywhere we have gone to, the campaign gets bigger and bigger. everywhere we go to we find an evidence that the people of Cross River State don't want this present administration to continue. 

'Increasingly people are realising that in 2015 we made a mistake, in 2015 we made a blunder, we gave power to someone who does not understand what powers is. We gave power to someone who is supposed to serve you and serve me, instead he uses that power to opress you and the state. On his own he has no hood idea. This governor does not think anything good for anybody.'

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