Wednesday, 23 January 2019

DUKE TO SDP Bigwigs: I was brought up to respect age and authority... Read details here

23 January 2019 

Press Release: I was brought up to respect age and authority

Dr. Agunloye, last week on the 15th of January I made a solemn promise to the National Chairman in the presence of Prof. Rufai Alkali, Chairman Enugu chapter, and Prof. Jerry Gana, that I would abide by the decision of the appeal court regardless of the outcome. Indeed, I said that should the decision be in favor of Prof. Gana, I'll like to be his cheerleader, not because it is acceptable to me to have my constitutional right truncated, but conscious of the larger picture, our party and nation. Till date, Prof. Gana has not reciprocated my gesture.

Rather, his minions and surrogates in the persons of Dr. Ike Neliaku and the Ag. Nat. Publicity Sec. Alfa Mohammed have been spewing insults on the integrity of the Nat. Chairman Chief Olu Falae, the Nat. Secretary Shehu Musa Gabam and myself. My only offense being I defeated their principal fair and square in an electoral process whose conduct they have not questioned, but rather relied on primordial sentiments to further their cause and they, the Nat. Chairman and secretary upheld the sanctity of the process.

I wouldn't dignify a sore loser my views of he who takes his party to court upon loosing an election. That is no way to build a budding party. All I will say is that threats, intimidations and insults don't and would not falter me. I have seen and dealt with folks far more intimidating and more adept at fear mongering than these clowns. I only wish to add that insulting our chairman is painful and personal to me. I was brought up to respect age and authority. The National Secretary, Mr. Shehu Gabam has maintained very dignified silence, I respect that.

Through you, I appeal that we learn to respect each other so that we, at the end of this needless process, can work together going forward.

H. E. Donald Duke
22 January 2019 

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