Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Hon Agibe Chris : Portrait of an Ideal Representative, a Silent Achiever —by Ojong Agbor

16 January 2019 

The incumbent House Of Representative Candidate of the PDP Ikom/Boki is an astute politician and a grassroot maestro who has over the years demonstrated consistency and predictability as critical Leadership Trait. 

When I say he has exhibited "consistency," I am simply stating the obvious that whatever style, management techniques, or leadership traits he employs, he has gone ahead to implement them consistently. As a leader he has shown consistency and predictability as positive traits that provide him stability and help him achieve immeasurably. He understands that most work environments are very dynamic, involving a virtual whirlwind of change, and thus as a leader he provides stability "anchors" wherever possible.

According to Dilcort Alvves "Consistency in style, management techniques, and leadership traits are important anchors for any organization and contribute to a stable work environment". It then follows that If you have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to work with or for, or to observe a leader who is inconsistent, you can attest to the frustration and problematic nature of the work environment the inconsistent leader creates. Those who worked with Agibe as commissioner in various ministries in the state would easily attest to his rare leadership strength. It bears mentioning that such attributes have seen to his posting sterling and stellar service delivery, creating a pocket of admirers here and there. 

As a politician, he has also employed these essential traits. Whereas the lure to shift ground, find alternative platforms have become the forte of politicians, Agibe has continued to maintain a consistency in his preference for PDP, as his party of choice. 

It then bears repeating that such is the quality of leader we want. A man for whom you can swear on oath on his next line of action without feeling the likelihood of prevarication. Such a leader is one fit for great things and happily enough, he is running for House of Representatives election come February 16, 2019. 

There is no better way to repay him for his consistency than Voting him in to represent us for the second term in office. 

Ikom/Boki is totally for Chris Agibe.
In Central Senatorial District, we stand with PDP Candidates.

Ojong Agbor is a social commentator 

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