Sunday, 6 January 2019

Open Letter to the President of the Fed Rep of Nig on Sen John Owan Enoh's Call for Chaos in Cross River State

6 January 2019 

Tidings of goodwill from over 5 million Cross River State citizens within and outside the state Mr President and thank you for maintaining a harmonious working relationship with the government and people of Cross River State irrespective of the differences interms of political party leadership.
You have always shown your love for us as a people by also appointing our sons and daugthers to prominent position in your government and your almost constant visits on the invitation of our Governor to inspect/observe, initiate, support and launch of our state projects by yourself and the Vice President is a plus/feat that even most APC state Governors haven't achieved.

Your Excellency, recently the embattled Governorship candidate of the APC in the state -Sen John Owan (Pastor Usani Usani is contending Owan's victory in court as he believes he is the rightful candidate of the party) held a world press conference were he among other uncalled provocation and inciting of violence promised hell and brimestone while alleging the destruction of his campaign billboards by the state government.

Your Excellency, billboards don't win elections.Votes of the electorate does and Ayade our Governor who has given a level playing ground to members of all political parties even appointing members of the APC into his cabinet would not condescend low to destroy billboards of his opponents.

It will shock you to know Your Excellency that shortly after the said press conference the governorship billboards of our Governor was destroyed by paid agents of Owan. I condemn the wanton destruction of Ayade Benedict's billboards by Owan paid agents. I make bold to say that the Ayade I know wasn't in any way connected to the destruction of Owan's campaign billboards which was just one in the metropolis rather I suspect it was a ploy by Owan as a reason to destroy the properly designed billboards of our Governor across the state.

Your Excellency, I also understand that there are existing laws in the state that bars the defacing of the state with posters etc. I also know that fixed price has been made available for campaigns billboards for all categories of aspirants.There are due processes and it has been revealed by the agency in charge of public advert in the state that Owan intentionally breached the said laws and has fines to pay for the said breach which he hasnt and no one has stopped him from fulfilling and utilizing advert infrastructures in the state.

Father of the nation, Ayade plays politics of ethics and in this business we must understand that no single man is a reservoir of violence and if there's anyone to be feared, it is Ayade. He is the Chief Security of Cross River State and all the security apparatus in the state is under his control and he can run Owan out of the state but since he is civil he wont.I know Sen Owan knows what it was like while Duke served as Governor in Cross River State, I know he knows how other governors treat oppositions in their states but that Ayade is different and a gentleman shouldnt mean Ayade be taken for granted.

This single act of destroying billboards of a sitting governor can precipitate violence and therefore as the leader and father of the 36 states and the FCT call Owan to order in order that we may not have a misrepresentation of your goodwill.

Mr President sire, I make bold to also keep you informed that Sen Owan would add no political value to your presidential electioneering campaigns in Cross River State but would rather deflate any goodwill you may win or have won by his acts and words of provocation as the people of Cross River State are peaceful and have had one of the most free, violent free elections in the history of our country.

Owan has no political clout to bring tremor to Ayade's camp.You can set up an independent fact finding initiative and you will realize that if elections were to be conducted today Ayade will emerge victorious. Dont be decieved by their empty vibes and jibes Your Excellency Owan and his selfish,envious, self centered and jealous co are not on ground and the youths, elders, women and all the stakeholders know that the Governorship power rotation system has been sealed and it is not only the turn of the Northern Senatorial District but the strides of His Excellency, Sen Prof Ben Ayade administration is commendable as you have attested/witnessed severally.

The people of Cross River State are totally behind Ayade as a person even beyond his party, the PDP. The political permutation doesnt favour Owan as he is from the central senatorial district that just handed to Ayade.Owan is not even accepted by old party members that worked for even your emergence as president in the state.

Mr President we know that you have always called for peace and have played the active role as the leader of your party and a true father of our nation.Popular candidates would win elections in the state.The people of Cross River State would oppose Owan's imposition and violent tacts. I also call on the good people of Cross River State to continue to support and keep faith with Sen Ayade as his plans for a better and greater Cross River State will come to fruition while joining our campaign for a peaceful and issue based campaign/electioneering. 

We will have a peaceful and massive electioneering process and receive the warm regards of over 2 million voters of Cross River State.

The Vice President 
The Inspector General of Police
Human Right Commission
Commissioner of Police


Prince Michael Nku Abuo, JP is a concerned citizen of Cross River State, a political activist and founder/DG of Cross River State Political Network, CRISPON, the largest non governmental sociopolitical organization in Cross River State)

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