Monday, 14 January 2019

The Salient, Altruistic Ntool Hon. Chris Agibe —by Zebis Prince Kekung

14 January 2019 

The Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency have seen the past four years feathered with scintillating legislative dividends from the people's man, Ntool, Honorable Chris Agibe to thousands of Constituents. 

Hon. Chris is reeling serial performance inspiration across boards. He is a representative par excellence and a farsighted human capacity developer. Hon Chris has made resplendent the experience of representation for the Ikom/Boki Constituents. Having conducted himself in becoming an indefatigable member of the Green Chamber with his sublime feet legislating in the 8th assembly, he has become a beckon of high standing in the PDP law makers' camp. On the other hand, he has beamed the light of quality leadership through representation by making himself a pro bono to all that comes to him. His office and homes are wide open for all visiting constituents, as he endeavors to meet most of the needs brought to him. Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe is a perfect example of an accessible leader. 

Despite not being a self sounding politician, his achievements can not help but speak volume of the Ntol's couth goodwill. Indeed, well-doing can not be hidden. Honourable is having to his stewardship profile hundreds of millions worth empowerment programs for the youths, women, traditional institutions and communities. He has sponsored several hundreds of tertiary institution students in the past four years while many are still in line to benefit from the scholarship program. 

A glimpse into his folder of law making saw him sponsored well over 10 bills in the floor of the House of Representatives. Some of these bills are in the advanced stages of passage. He has several other gazetted bills which seeks to bring Government amenities and institutions to Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency. 

He was the pivotal voice that pushed for the deployment of security details to Ikom and Boki to combat the encroachment of the Cameroonian soldiers into some Nigerian bother communities. He has effectively followed the national and international border commissions to ensure the implementation of projects earmarked for the Boki/Ikom border communities. 
Ntol, Honorable Chris Agibe has shown a great deal of intent and purpose to orchestrating gleaming development for the Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency via his pet projects and leadership qualities.
On a good day I shall discuss more in details the Ntool's strides so far. This is just a tip of the eye's berg. 

The soul of Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency is once again hung to the stake. Who shall take custody of it in the next four year? I want to audaciously employ fellow constituents to troop out enmass and vote for Ntool, Hon. Chris Agibe for:
1. More robust representation. 
2. For even more human capacity development and empowerment. 
3. To consolidate and complete programs and projects he started for constituents and the Constituency. 
4. To complete the processes of legislations meant to bring development for the Constituency in the house. 
5. For even more opportunities creation for the people. 

The people of Ikom/Boki shall not allow our collective sense of purpose to be insulted by any half-baked opposition. This house have been built in unity and have a long course of development process strapped to it, we must not loose focus. Any opposition that can not put their smaller house in order, how shall it keep the larger house in peace and progress? I'm of incredulous doubt that the ruling APC have anything to offer this Constituency. The fact that it continues to strip itself of that privileged quality of oneness and unity is a clear indication that it has never been prepared to lead any political entrapment of this country. 

I have a serious problem with the quality of persons the APC has fielded to lead the people especially in this federal Constituency. We must be careful not not to throw away this ostrich egg to the snakes. Power drunkenness often comes with emptiness! 

In Ntool, Hon. Chris Agibe, Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency is moving forward with giant development landmarks. 

Zebis Prince Kekung
Development Strategist

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