Saturday, 26 January 2019

UCTH CMD Tussle: I don't care whether it's an angel/Satan that succeeds me —Thomas Agan

26 January 2019 

1. I want to passionately appeal to all those interested in the office of the Chief Medical Director of UCTH directly or indirectly to kindly leave me out of their ethnic and tribal battles. I have been inundated with sponsored blackmails in social, electronic and print media, demonizing me for things I know nothing about. I cannot count all the baseless written petitions against me to anti-graft as well as the various security agencies. I have forgiven everyone.

2. The recent on slot in social media including rumors and nefarious plans bothering on my person following the interview for my successor is a sad development. I want to emphasize that I will be leaving office soon and I do not care whether it is an angel or Satan that succeed me.

3. Appointment of a Chief Medical Director is the responsibility of Mr. President, not any tribe, ethnic group or hospital union. I never castigated or attempted to run down anyone, ethnic group or tribe to become the CMD, UCTH Calabar. Every opportunity is the grace of Almighty God whom we all claim to serve. Power is given by God Almighty. No blackmails, physical or spiritual intimidation gives power.

4. I have played my part as the Chief Medical Director of UCTH to the best of my ability. Whoever will merit the grace of God Almighty and is anointed by Him to assume the position will continue from where I will stop.

5. It is my humble appeal to all those sponsoring blackmails on social media and other media platforms against me, the Board of Management of the hospital, management staff and those seeking for the office of the CMD, UCTH to stop for God's sake. I use the name of God Almighty to beg them to please leave me alone. I have nothing against anyone within and outside the hospital, even those who think I am their enemy. Most of these persons have benefited directly or indirectly from me and I am begging them to read Proverbs 17 verse 13 and pray for forgiveness from God.

6. Finally I am appealing to people, especially staff of UCTH not to use ethnic and tribal sentiments to destroy UCTH Calabar and to stop demonizing me. While expectations may have been very high from me, it is a known fact that you cannot give what you do not have. For those I ever hurt knowingly or unknowingly, I ask for forgiveness.

God Bless UCTH Calabar. 
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Professor Thomas U. Agan
Chief Medical Director
University of Calabar Teaching Hospital

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