Sunday, 17 February 2019

Cabals and the Presidency ~by Princewill Odidi

17 February 2019 

1. Cabals in government is as old as politics itself. In virtually every government whether in developed democracies or in under developed countries, cabals have often come in different names and guises. 

2. When we talk about cabals we refer to those most powerful individuals in a government that once you see them and get their approvals on any matter, that matter is as good as settled with the President or Governor himself. 

3. Cabals are sometimes refered to as de factor Presidents or Governors, they are most times more powerful than the President or Governors deputy. 

4. During OBJ, Andy Ubah and his group constituted the cabal, during Yar Adua, then  minister of Agriculture and the then Katsina Governor Shema were one-of the most powerful people , during Jonathan,  his SA domestic commanded so much power, including Jonathan's wife, and today in Buhari era, there are some powerful individuals, they have no political titles, they are not appointees, but they practically run the government. They determine appointments, they control CBN deals and NNPC. 

5. At state level we are not spared, cabals are sometimes governors wives, governors in-laws, governors brothers and sisters, and sometimes some key party leaders can constitute the cabal. 

6. But let me make it clear, there's nothing wrong in having cabals in government, so long as the president or Governor is in control and have the cabal under check. 

7. The problem some of us have with the current federal government is that the cabal answers to no one. Mr president appears not to be aware of his environment, he appears not to have a grip of the powers around him, some people even question if the president can name all his ministers and their respective portfolios. 

8. Now when a President appears not to be in control, then the cabal have a field day, and this is very dangerous for our democracy. Before our eyes we saw dead people appointed to boards of parastatals a clear indication that the commander in chief had no clue who he appoints. With such an embarrassment yet, no one was cautioned or sacked. 

9. What we have in nigeria today is a reign of terror, the president appears lost, so we have a reign of terror, government of cabals for cabals and by cabals. Put succinctly, It is an animal kingdom. 

10. Don't be surprised if the whole complicity of finger-printed ballots making the news today, the president May have no clue about these schemes. 

11. For some of us Buhari is a disappointment because we had so much confidence in his ability, but it appears he lacks the capacity to cage his cabal. His own wife refered to them as two or three men that run does this country. 

12. What is most worrisome is that those who should speak out and call for change spend their time defending the indefensible. 

13. The question remains; Does buhari know that millions of young graduates just idle at home day and night? Does it give him sleepless nights? Does he know so many young people cannot even feed? Does it give him sleepless nights? 

14. NNPC has no substantive minister, the GMD bypasses the ceremonial minister of state and reports directly to the cabal, does Buhari know the implications of his ineptitude on the Nigerian poor? 

15. Even if one explains these things to him will he understand? Nigeria is no mans personal estate, we must all answer to the people. I will prefer to have a leader who is tagged corrupt, but who have the capacity to call into order his cabal, who can understand issues, who can discuss policies, than one who appears totally lost. 

16. The current cabals are uncontrollable, wicked, self seeking and excessively greedy. They abuse human rights and have made Buharis regime one of the worst in recent memory on human rights abuse. 

17. This election is between Atiku and the Cabal, we either continue to be ruled by proxy or we choose a leader who can sit down and have a meaningful conversation with the Nigerian people. 

Princewill Odidi is a social commentator writing from Atlanta USA.

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