Tuesday, 26 March 2019

DOPT clears traders from clogging Calabar roads

Government News Sources|26 March 2019 

Comrade Godwin Nyiam, Director General of the Department of Public Transportation, DOPT, on Monday led a team of his men to high traffic areas  in Calabar to clear traders who have turned major roads as sales points for their goods.

Comrade Nyiam and his team visited places like Calabar Road, Effigy Roundabout,  Bedwell, Nelson Mandela Road, Lagos and Garden Streets  to  clear the traders and ensured that traffic moves smoothly around the city.

"Traders have turned some major streets around the Watt Market into selling points and shops and this is unacceptable to us that is why we moved them away from the roads".

He said shops exist in the market and traders are to use those shops and not the road and the exercise will continue until traders and hawkers learn to sell their goods inside the market and not the road".

"We have announced on radio and television that the roads in the city are not meant for people to display their goods and anyone who  fails to heed to our directives would not be allowed to contravene traffic rules in the city".

He said displaying goods on the roads distorts the beauty of the environment and Cross River is a tourist sate and everything right would be done to keep the place clean and tidy.

"We will continue to carry out clearance of the roads and nobody will stop us from carrying out our mandate" , Nyaim declared.

DOPT sensitizes commuters on parks to board vehicles in Calabar

Comrade Godwin Nyiam, the Director General of the Department of Public Transportation, DOPT, on Monday carried out sensitization of commuters in Calabar on the right parks to board vehicles to their various destinations.

Comrade Nyiam led a team to major markets and populated areas in the city to inform them on the right parks to board vehicles to avoid being harassed or charged the wrong rates to their destinations.

"We have been passing out information online and on radio to members of the public on our planned sensitization exercise and today we physically did that to let them know what to do and where to board vehicles".

He said places visited include Watt Market, Marian Market, University of Calabar, Cross River University of Calanbar and Eta Agbo/IBB Way Round About.

He said after the sensitization no vehicle would be allowed to take passengers outside the recognised and designated motor parks in the city.

"We have a mandate to ensure orderliness in the city and also the safety of commuters and we are going to do that and we have to be civil about that responsibility"

He assured that the public would be protected from fraudulent transporters and tricksters to kep the image of the state as the safest in the country intact.

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