Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Mysterious mushroom plant grows in Ogoja community... Read details here

Nyok|26 March 2019 

OGOJA —A mysterious mushroom plant is said to have been identified in Ogoja, Cross River State of Nigeria. It was identified in Igol Ukpagada in Ogoja Local Government by Mr Joseph Lifu the Director of Accounts at the Cross River State House of Assembly, CRSHA. 

The yet to be identified plant which was spotted at the palm farm of Lifu on the 14th of March is described to be brownish in colour with black spots littered at the top, it has a considerably big stem, oozes a repulsive smell, and heat and capable of consuming leaves and everything else which falls on it while converting the original colour of the fallen objects to its brownish shades.

Lifu while describing the plant, has this to say, 'This a mushroom growing in my farm at Igol Ukpagada in Ogoja local government area of Cross River state in Nigeria. Three days ago, as I was walking arroud my palms, I saw this beautiful mushroom and moved nearer to observed it properly.

'I observed that It has a big stem, the size of an adult leg. The top is as wide as the size of a big washhand basin. It is brownish with black spots all over the top. All the green and dead leaves and flowers of other trees that fall on it are gradually converted to the body of the mushroom. 

'The mushroom has an odour that is difficult to describe. As at today, when I and my wife visited it, there was a kind heat coming out from it.

'Please those who are into pharmaceutical industry should come and research into it. This mushroom could be useful to life.' 

Lifu is calling on the scientific community world over to come take a look at the plant which is suspected to have medicinal value.

Click the link below for more information: https://www.facebook.com/100022677066627/posts/407111706721395/

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