Friday, 1 March 2019

Princewill Odidi condemns N300 million deduction for Superhighway on 8 grounds... Read details here

1 March 2019 

Mr Princewill Odidi a Strategic Communications and Development Consultant, writing from Atlanta Friday on the subject On the 300 million monthly deductions for the Superhighway has slammed the proposal to the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly by the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, to deduct the sum of three hundred million Naira for the construction of his pet project. 

Read his exact statement below: 

'I waited to confirm the authenticity of this proposal from the Executive arm of Cross River State to the House of Assembly. Having confirmed it, I join other well meaning cross riverians to reject and condemn the proposal in its entirety. 

'First, the states internal debt portfolio is very lean and our debt management plan is foreclosed. This is unaffordable and a pathway to an economic grave for the state. 

Second, our internally generated revenue capacity is small and has greatly dwindled since 2015. The conversation now should be on how to improve the states IGR and not how to enter into more debts. We need frugal financial management of the states resources. 

Third, our Revenue mobilization account is almost quarantined. 

Fourth, initially, we were made to believe the Superhighway will be built with "other people's money" , OPM, please let us stick to that plan. We cannot fund it, we cannot afford it. 

Fifth, we understand this is still a proposal to the House of Assembly, so it will go through committee and public hearing. Please send messages to your Assembly members, this proposal must be rejected, we cannot fund it we cannot afford it. If for any reason we allow this to go through, the fate of our children and their children will be mortgaged for the next century. 

Sixth, While we are still struggling to bail ourselves from the debt incurred by past administrations and the untold sufferings it has brought to the people, it is unacceptable to incure any further deductions from the states accounts. 

Seventh, I appeal to all well meaning cross riverians home and abroad to add their voice in rejecting this proposal. 

Eight: Three hundred million Naira deducted monthly from the states account in favor of messrs Sydney Construction Nigeria limited for the Super Highway is a NO NO. 
The State belongs to all of us and we all must have a say. We call for accountability on how the state funds are applied and spent. 

If the state can afford that much, we suggest to the government to invest more in rural electrification because our people sleep in darkness, invest in primary health care and infant mortality, because our children die everyday, invest in our schools, invest in rural roads, invest in drinking water, not just in calabar, improve supplies in ikom, Ogoja Obudu and other major towns. 

While we still support this administration, if you must continue to enjoy our support then listen to the voice of the people. 

'I may have overlooked this, but when I did the maths, it raised my suspicion. It may take us over 170 years to pay off this loan. To be candid, I am disappointed at whoever penned down this letter. How can we with a clear mind mortgage the future of our unborn generations,to say the least I am disappointed 

'Having observed the above, We the people have spoken!!. No to any further deductions from our Revenue Mobilizations accounts. We must start the cross river conversation now, getting it right is not an option, it is the only way out!

'God bless Cross River.'

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