Friday, 8 March 2019

Senatorial losers trying to buy the Conscience of ROs and COs —by Dominic Kidzu

8 March 2019 

The contest for who represents Cross River Central Zone was won and lost on election day at the various polling units. Everything else after that is post mortem and revisionism. Men of valour and candour should have understood the handwriting on the wall and retired home to forever offer gifts of thanksgiving unto the Almighty, for his grace and kindness over the seasons. When a man running elections in six local government areas begins by losing 10 wards out of 11 in his own local government area, then he should not wait to be told that the Hour has come and that he should begin to ruminate on his career to find out where the rain began to beat him. 

But sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case with the King Kong of the Central. He is gropping around in the dark, trying to change the will of the people of Cross River Central, and the mandate they have freely given to Professor Sandy Onoh to represent them in the hallowed chambers of the Nigerian Senate. There are indications that those who lost so woefully are still having trouble dealing with the sour taste of defeat and are even now going about with money in their goatskin bag asking the Returning Officers and Collation Officers to accept money and recant their reports of that elections. Many of these have called to report the mouth- watering offers being made to them. A miserable and sad state of affairs. 

In all the three mandates the people of Cross River Central were coerced to give to Senator Victor Ndoma Egba, none of his opponents who lost went this length to try to upturn the will of the people, even though grudgingly so expressed. I recall that in 2011 all Boki delegates were camped at Chief Sonny Abang's restaurant on Ogoja road in Ikom. Distinguished Senator Ndoma Egba came to see them in the morning, offering to give them N30,000 each for their votes. Chants of "go, go, go away" rent the air that morning. " We don't want your money. Do you know where we slept yesterday? Do you know what we ate yesterday?" It was all Chief Sonny Abang could do to shield the Senator from the threatening mob and install him back in an unmarked Peugeot 504, in which he had come hither. And the Senator fled. I was there. Col Edor Obi was later to be duped with a cock and bull story of "Oga said " by Chief Sonny Abang and Patrick Odok Esq. The army helicopter gunship pilot and former military administrator surprisingly chickened out and Ndoma Egba returned to the Senate without inquisition. 

Today, the same Senator has lost fair and square, and all illegalities have ensued. Let me warn the ROs and COs that the allure of money can be compelling, but the consequences thereof shall be grave. The Professor Sandy Onoh camp know you personally. Be warned. No amount of money will be allowed to trample upon and subvert the will of the people of Cross River Central. The people have spoken loudly, clearly, and men of good conscience should respect their choice. Accepting defeat when one has been clearly and fairly beaten is a mark of valour, not cowardice. It cannot be otherwise. Even great and rich men also lose. That is why no man can claim credit for sunrise. It is the way of the world, through the will of God. The abuse of greatness is when it fails to understand even its own limits. A word is enough for the wise.

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