Thursday, 21 March 2019

TRENDING: Who'll be Speaker of the 9th C/River State House of Assembly, CRSHA?

Eteng Jones Williams (top left), Joseph Bassey (top right), Hilary Bisong (bottom left) and Fred Osim (bottom right).
Nyok|21 March 2019

Debates as to who finally emerges the Speaker of the 9th Cross River State House of Assembly began raging from Wednesday especially on social media in Cross River cyberspace. 

There are about five contenders for the choice seat of 'Mr Speaker' and they include the following:
1. Eteng Jones Williams representing Yakurr II State Constituency 
2. Joseph Bassey representing Calabar South II State Constituency 
3. Fred Osim representing Ikom I State Constituency
4. Hilary Bisong representing Boki II State Constituency
5. Chris Njar Mbu-Ogar representing Etung State Constituency. 

Grapevine has it that the trio of Joseph Bassey of Calabar South II, Hilary Bisong of Boki II and Eteng Jones of Yakurr II are frontline contenders for office of Speaker. A reliable source close to the Office of Deputy Speaker has it that Hon Bassey is still in the race despite dispositions to zone the top job to Cross River Central. 

Social Commentator Richie Romanus has insinuated that His Excellency the Executive Governor of the state, Sen. Ben Ayade seem not to be keen about who finally emerges the Speaker of the House. Could this be true? 

There are agitations for the Office of Speaker to remain domiciled in the Central Senatorial District of the State, implying that, if this sentiment becomes strong, the influential office may finally emerge from either Yakurr II, Boki II or Ikom I. The southern senatorial district may be cut off. The Etung representative may not even be considered because he's not a ranking member —this is suspectedly according to House Rules. 

The Southern Senatorial District has never had Speaker of the CRSHA.

Designated members of the anticipated 9th Assembly have reportedly gone to Lagos for a plethora of meetings  negotiations, etc to determine who finally emerges the Speaker. 

It's either zoning which breeds mediocrity or open contest which relatively allows for capacity will be enthroned in this ongoing tussle. Whatever, capacity, connection and character —the 3Cs of leadership according to John C. Maxwell, should be the pre-eminent principle for the selection of who becomes Speaker of the 9th State House of Assembly. 

Efio-Ita Nyok is the blogger-in-chief, editor-in-chief and publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN 

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