Monday, 4 March 2019

Ward 10 issa goal for Rt. Hon. Joseph Bassey, John Gaul's Deputy inching towards speakership

Nyok|4 March 2019 

Nigerians resident in and indigenous to Cross River State in Ward 10 of Calabar South LGA have okayed the re-election bids of the People's Democratic Party, PDP candidature of Rt. Hon. Joseph 'Papa' Bassey to represent Calabar South State Constituency 2 at the State House of Assembly NEGROIDHAVEN can say authoritatively. 

The two-tenure lawmaker, as part of the build-up to cap his political campaigns in the three wards which constitute the State Constituency 2, undertook a walking tour of the three zones which make up Ward 10 as he appreciated them for the 2015 elections while soliciting their votes come 9th March in this year's gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections.

In each of the zones, the electorates would unanimously echo, 'Papa issa goal!' implying an expression of their positive nod to their satisfaction in the state assembly. Particularly, at Forsbery Street formerly called Nelson Mandela Street, Gibson Street and Ekpo Abasi Street where there were mammoth crowds eagerly waiting for the campaign trail of Rt. Hon. Bassey, Cross Riverians would shout hysterically, 'Papa issa goal!

While relieving his experience during his campaign through the 3 constitutive wards of the said ward, Rt. Hon. Bassey argued that the majority of the constituents in the ward had told him earlier not to bother campaigning in the wards because they were already inclined towards him.

His words, 'I am no stranger to the zone, even though they requested that I shouldn't come, I insisted, if not for anything else, to show appreciation for the previous elections. We had an interactive session.' 

While disclosing his message to the ward, he said, 'My message was very straight, do PDP all the way. I am from the Southern Senatorial District, and politics everywhere is sentimental. You must try to favour your own side, We are human. The Southern Senatorial District wants governor in 2023. We feel the safest thing for us is to allow Ayade finish his tenure so that we can be guaranteed of our turn.'

He said his plans for the people is that he will be more accessible than ever, he will share in their problems while trying to solve some, while intending to deliberately influence more lives. He outlined the packages he has in store for the constituency if reelected. 

'I won't tell you lies, that everybody can be affected at the same time. I have an intention to consciously make sure that most people are affected positively. I will still roll out my scholarship scheme, engage in more empowerment programmes. I will try to scout for jobs opportunities for them', he continued.

Rt. Hon. Bassey seemed positive about prospect for the Speaker of the 9th Cross River State House of Assembly if reelected especially seeing that he will be a ranking member of the State Assembly, 'I am going back, I am the Deputy Speaker today, and everybody knows very well that when you are ranked in the Assembly, you get a better chance to get a better position'.

Efio-Ita Nyok is the blogger-in-chief, editor-in-chief and publisher of NEGROIDHAVEN 

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